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WTANZ is the Australia and New Zealand chapter of Weekend Testing. It was launched a few years ago, however it went into hibernation for a while. In June 2013 WTANZ returned strong, reflecting the strong nature of the testing community in our region.

WTANZ sessions occur on the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 PM AEST (unless otherwise stated). And although it was created to provide testers from Australasia with favourable session times, everyone regardless of location is welcome to join!

To participate in WTANZ sessions, send us an email and/or ping us on Skype ID WeekendTestingANZ. You can also follow us on Twitter @WTANZ_.

Active Facilitators


Alessandra Moreira

Alessandra is a tester from Sydney Australia. She started testing in 2000 and has experience in many industries and in a wide range of roles. She is passionate about testing, learning and helping others to find their own passion for testing. She lives in Miami FL, blogs on and is @testchick on Twitter.


DeanMackenzieDean Mackenzie

Dean is a software tester living in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Having fallen into testing around seven years ago, he subsequently fell into the context-driven approach several years later.  He enjoys studying new ideas (especially around testing or learning), and finds there just isn’t enough time to look at all of the good ones.  Dean blogs intermittently at and can be found under @deanamackenzie on Twitter.


Legacy Facilitators

WTANZ was up and running a few years ago, and we’d like to acknowledge those who paved the way for Weekend Testing in Australia and New Zealand. Thank you Richard RobinsonMarlena Compton, Oliver Erlewein and  Trish Khoo for your awesome effort and contribution to our community!!

About the Author

I am a tester from Sydney, Australia currently living in New York. I am passionate about learning and helping other testers find their passion and strengths.