A platform for software testers to collaborate, test various kinds of software, foster hope, gain peer recognition, and be of value to the community.


To find people with similar synergy – towards testing software and learning from it and improve the craft of software testing.

What happens in a WeekNight testing session?

Testers meet at a common location in the evening at around 17:45 UK Time with their laptops and energy to test, question, learn, discuss about testing.

At 18:00 the test session facilitator announces a testing challenge which is time boxed for an hour. Testers have the freedom to pair up with other testers or work on their own to meet the challenge. Testers can also use any test tools, strategies, ideas to accomplish the challenge. Just stay away from NDA

At the end of the hour we take a 5 min break and jump into a discussion session (de-briefing) for the next hour to share our test ideas, assumptions, tools used, strategy chosen to meet the challenge. Everyone is encouraged to challenge each other in a healthy way.

What do you mean by a testing challenge?

Testing challenges could be focussed on any of the skills – observation, note taking, learning, clearing traps, questioning, bug hunting, bug investigations, modelling, automation, bug advocacy, presentations, group discussion, collaboration, tool evaluation, test strategies, and the list goes on

This sounds exciting. How do I register?

The numbers of participants depend on the space we get to run the session. So register quickly when the session is announced. See below for details.

Who is a test session facilitator?

She/he who has volunteered to set the testing challenge is the test session facilitator.

Can I be a test session facilitator?

Yes, please send us the below details and we will be in touch with you

  • Date you plan to run the session
  • The testing challenge for the session, pre-requisites if any for running the challenge (if you want help on it feel free to ping us)
  • Can you arrange a location for the session?

What is the frequency of WeekNight Testing?

We want to keep it to one weeknight testing session per month. But we are very flexible with it.

I have got more questions who do I speak to?

Sharath Byregowda email: sharudotbatgmaildotcom or

Tony Bruce (email: tdotbrucedotmailatgooglemaildotcom)

When & Where is the next session?

  • Date: June 19, 2013
  • What do I bring? – Your laptop to test
  • Time: 17:45UK Time (Gathering) 18:00 UK Time Session kick off
  • Venue: Skills Matter
  • Address: 116-120 Goswell Road London EC1V7DP
  • Facilitator: Sharath Byregowda

Please Note: There is space for only 25 testers at the venue. First 25 to register will be picked (FirstInFirstPicked) and will be confirmed via email. 

Current Status: Open for registration



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