EWT13 – Please park my bug

EWT13 – Please park my bug

Date: 10th April 2010
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 GMT

Product: ParkCalc
The Gerald R. Ford International Airport got to know there are serious flaws in his parking lot fee calculator. Investigate the root cause of every problem you may find, so that our developers can nearly directly fix them.

Use Session Tester to document your testing and submit the session tester HTML reports to bug repository until 4.30pm GMT.

Testers: Ian McDonald, Tony Bruce, Allmas Mullah, Dr. Meeta Prakash, Anna Baik, Markus Gärtner

Anna Baik facilitated the discussion afterwards.

Tony Bruce explained that the validation for times and dates in the tool was completely broken. He could enter basically every value, even unrealistic parking durations. Tony tried some validation tools on the page, and had some more ideas what to try. When asked about traps, Tony stated that he just noticed the session had begun when Allmas Mullah asked about editing a bug.

Allmas Mullah described that the application was a perfect exercise for someone in a testing training course. She described that the application was probably taken as a trap to distract testers from the mission. She wanted to find a different bug, but given the time, the missing validation took her complete focus. She noticed that she focused on exploiting problems with the time fields, which left her little to no time to explore problems with date fields or the combination of dates and times.

Ian McDonald stated, that he felt a bit disorganized. The problems in the software with no validation, and some values even being defaulted, led him to the conclusion that some of the defects probably had the same cause. Ian found that his testing felt random and probably needed some more structure to it. The usage of Session Tester was a bit distracting, but with some more practice it could also turn out to be useful.

Dr. Meeta Prakash observed, that the application had no validation, leading to all actually weird entries being accepted. In addition the formulas used for calculation had errors as they were not always correct.

During wrapping up the session, the discussion raised against whether or not such a piece of software is worth to be rejected. Among the points raised, the trend was that such a buggy software is a pure waste of testing time and budget. For waterfall environment, the entry criteria for testing possibly were not met, and in an Agile environment the quality of the software might be raised for the next retrospective.

The chat transcript can be downloaded here.

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