WT28 – Brain Games – Testers played :)

WT28 – Brain Games – Testers played :)

Date: March 13th 2010

Time: 3pm -5pm IST

It was a good testing session with more than ten testers. 15 was the actual count 🙂

While the mission was to complete the three tasks , testers had their own traps, approach and their experience to share.

After the mission details was provided, some of the testers dived in to complete the tasks.

Though time was running at its own pace, some of the testers spent some time analyzing the task statements. Some testers questioned at the very nth moment of the session.

After a hour of testing, discussion session was filled with questions, experiences, *heated* arguments, conclusions and learning. Please find the unedited CHAT TRANSCRIPT HERE

A session aimed at improving skills and providing exercises to the brain was completed successfully.

Thanks to Weekend Testers.

See you in next weekend testing session 🙂

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