Bug Repository for Weekend Testers

Bug Repository for Weekend Testers

Greetings Weekend Testers,

Weekend Testing is glad to make an announcement & that is – We have hosted a Bug Tracker on our server & we call it as our Bug Repository which would be used for various purposes. All the Weekend Testers will have access to this bug tracker and they can log the bugs which would be viewable by other Weekend Testers to benefit their learning. Also the main intention is we will have a backup of the bugs we have found in our Weekend Testing sessions. We are thankful to Mantis for developing a bug tracker which is Open Source :).

Benefits of bug tracker


We might have tested open source products and we provided the reports on it but do we have any central repository where we could track it and where we know who has contributed to this report? Who has found which bug? It is good to owe the credits for anyone’s accountability. So we will can manage complete reports in bug tracker.

Upload Test Reports

Even if you do not wish to report individual bug because of various reasons that could be you might have low speed internet connection or there might not be any internet connectivity or you might be a cyber user. In those cases you can make a report in a document format or a PDF format and upload it on our server.

Exposing the talent

Each and every individual has different talents. We believe that we have talented testers everywhere in the world. But how do we know about hidden talents which we couldn’t know? Now, through our bug tracker we could know the skills of Weekend Testers & every talent would be noticed.

And there are much more benefits…

Registration procedure & how will I be added to projects?

1. Visit http://bugrepository.com/signup_page.php and take less than a minute to complete registration

2. Depending on your interest in Weekend Testing sessions we will be adding you to the projects which will be “Private” or “Public” depending on the approval by the product owners

3. We do not want Weekend Testers to miss our Weekend Testing sessions – In case if you get delayed in sending an e-mail for participation and you come on exact Weekend Testing session & still you want to participate then you can Skype: santhosh.s.tuppad and request to add you into the project and invite you for the Weekend Testing session.

Good news: Please have a look at WeekendTesting Competition that is going to be hosted in the month of February 2010. Are you game for it?

That’s all for now :).


Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

Weekend Testing Moderator

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