WTA-75:  Website Configuration Comparison Testing

WTA-75:  Website Configuration Comparison Testing

WTA-75:  Website Configuration Comparison Testing

Date/Time:  9/10/2016, 1pm-3pm EDT

Facilitated by:  Jean Ann Harrison


Prerequisites:  Laptop/Desktop and at least one or both mobile phone/tablet


Websites today are being designed for companies which are primarily mobile-ready and implemented for any type of device is used to view that website.   These websites can contain graphics, .gifs, and even videos.  Website testing requires testers to be fully aware of the type of users and possible customers and how they access that website.  


Today’s Weekend Testing session, we’ll examine some business websites, compare these websites on different types of devices and consider tests appropriate for the company and their users.  


Questions for consideration:

  1. What kind of user typically would view the website?
  2. What kind of device would be typically used to view the website?
  3. How does this website help make the company earn money?  Directly and Indirectly?
  4. What types of usage of the website would be done by potential customers?
  5. What kinds of tests should be applied to each device?  Are there different tests based on device type? Are their different types of tests based on industry?


We’ll examine a few websites for different types of industries to gain a wide perspective of usages and how these companies will gain customers based on their websites.  


To participate in this WTA session, send us an email (WTAmericas AT gmail DOT com) and/or send a contact request to Skype ID “WeekendTestersAmericas”). Once you indicate you wish to participate, we will add your Skype ID to the session setup.

The day of the session, please contact us 20 minutes prior to the start of the session, so that we can add you to the group (if you email or Skype us in advance, we will add you based on that RSVP).

About the Author

I’m a software tester working with Socialtext in Palo Alto, CA. I have worked in a number of different fields and in a number of different capacities. I started my testing career in March of 1991. I am co-founder and primary facilitator for Weekend Testing Americas. I am a black-belt in the Miagi-do School of Software Testing, a member and Teacher in the Association for Software Testing, and the producer of Software Test Professionals' "This Week in Software Testing" podcast (now on hiatus).