WT 118: First Impressions for a mobile app

WT 118: First Impressions for a mobile app

Date: 4th September 2016
Time: 4 pm IST to 6 pm IST

Testers: Isthiyaq Ahamed, Dinesh Babu, Poornima, Prashant Shahapure, Srinivas Kadiyala, Trisha Chetani Agarwal
Facilitator: Ajay Balamurugadas


We will be coming up with a template on how to observe first impressions for any mobile app.
What is first impression?
How do you feel when you see a mobile app for the first time can be termed as the first impression.
For a mobile app, the first impressions start right from the logo of the app to the end user experience of a scenario.
For the first 15 mins, we will note the first impressions of a mobile app, individually.

Then for the next 45 mins, we will come up with a general template of what to observe in a mobile app, as a team.

Session Transcript: PDF

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