WTEU-72 – Product Evaluations Explored

WTEU-72 – Product Evaluations Explored

Date: Sunday 2nd October 2016
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm BST
Facilitator: Amy Phillips
Attendees: Adina Sit, Aliona Lutsenko, Diana Pinchuk, Maja, Martin Måe, Simon Tomes, Rajit Singh

This month we were lucky enough to be joined by Simon and Rajit from Qeek.

The session focussed on using Exploratory Testing to evaluate a product. The product we tested was Qeek, a tool for capturing and organising test ideas.

Why did we focus on Exploratory Testing? Well, as Diana neatly put it “One of [the] definitions [of exploratory testing] is ‘simultaneous testing and learning of a product’”. “Trying out stuff with no plan beforehand based on the experience of the tester” was Adina’s definition, and one that comes very close to also describing a product evaluation. 

We were looking at Qeek critically, and using Simon’s definition of a product evaluation to answer the question of “Does this product solve something that annoys me right now.” Or perhaps, “does this product make my day a little easier today and let me achieve what I want to achieve.”

Read the full session transcript to find out how we got on.

About the Author

Amy has spent the last ten years testing in a variety of development environments for companies including Royal Mail, The Guardian, and Yahoo! She is currently test lead at Songkick and enjoying the challenges of mobile and web testing. You can find Amy on Twitter (@itjustbroke) or via testingthemind.wordpress.com