WTA-73: Mobile App for increasing Battery use efficiency – Does it really work?

WTA-73: Mobile App for increasing Battery use efficiency – Does it really work?

Date & Time: June 11, 2016, 1pm-3pm EDT, 10am -12pm PDT

Facilitator: Jean Ann Harrison

Mobile apps are great and we rely on them more and more. However, when travelling, do you find you run out of battery too fast and constantly need to charge your device? Afraid to use certain apps when you know you won’t be able to charge your device anytime soon? Testers, ever measure how an application utilizes the battery on the device? As we know battery conditions affect how an app behaves, so understanding the battery/software relationship is a key factor in your testing efforts. Changing battery conditions can affect how a mobile app is rated on the App Store or iTunes.

This session we’ll examine the mobile app that “makes your battery last longer, and can help you get up to 50% more battery life on your phone“ but let’s test our tablets too. Let’s see if this app does extend the life of the battery and allow us to use our mobile apps longer and more efficiently.

Preliminary setup instructions: All devices can be charged at various levels.

Do NOT use device charger for this session.

If your device’s clock does not come with a stopwatch, download an app for a stopwatch.


  1. Download app (name of app will be shared at the start of the session so don’t be late)
  2. Review & discuss your download & installation experience
  3. Start the app to make your device efficient.
  4. Start your device’s stopwatch
  5. Start an app you use a lot, Facebook, Twitter or other and engage in normal activity
  6. Play a video within FB or Twitter and then put in background and play a video using YouTube.
  7. Stop the stopwatch, review how much battery was used. Good, bad?
  8. Start the stopwatch again
  9. Play your favorite game (use of heavy graphics preferred)
  10. Stop the stopwatch and review how much battery is now used.
  11. Comment on your User Experience:
    1. User friendly – consider all persona types
    2. Useful to what kinds of users?
    3. Valuable to what kinds of apps?
    4. What kind of apps would make this app desirable?
    5. What kind of personas would find this app desirable?
    6. Quick to learn how to use?
  12. Compare phone vs tablet app, which performed more efficiently?
  13. Discuss how device performed at lower levels of charge

Online Logistics

To participate in this WTA session, send us an email (WTAmericas AT gmail DOT com) and/or send a contact request to Skype ID “WeekendTestersAmericas”). Once you indicate you wish to participate, we will add your Skype ID to the session setup.

The day of the session, please contact us 20 minutes prior to the start of the session, so that we can add you to the group (if you email or Skype us in advance, we will add you based on that RSVP).

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