WTA-72: The answer is 42. If you can see it.

WTA-72: The answer is 42. If you can see it.

Session Details

Date:  May, 7th 2016
Time:  1pm EST – 3pm EST
Facilitators:  Albert Gareev, Michael Larsen

Words have meaning(s).What else do we use to convey information?What do we do if we want to draw attention to something important?What do we do if we want to emphasize something positive, like SUCCESS?

Don’t we encode certain information in color, size, and shape?

Red, green, yellow, blue. – Any possible confusions?

Now, testers: how do we know that it means what it means?And how do we know that all these color, contrast, shape, and size attributes mean exactly the same for everyone?
  • What if they’re not?
  • What if there are people that see colors differently?
  • What if there are people that see shape and contrast differently?
  • What if there are people that interpret what they see differently?

Is there an impact? How you’re going to test? Let’s discuss and practice.


We are going to discuss human perception of the visual information, especially with regards to color and contrast. We aim to touch the following points.

  • Different kinds of color deficiencies
  • Situational severity of bugs related to color deficiencies and to contrast deficiencies
  • Device and platform specific aspects impacting color and contrast perception
  • Strategy and tactics for color and contrast testing
  • Tools that assist in color and contrast testing

How to get more

  • Are there any online applications you’d like to evaluate with us? – Have a url handy.
  • Have you already done some testing related to color and contrast? – We’ll be happy to listen to and discuss your story.
  • Do you have a favorite tool you’d like to tell about? – Bring it on.
  • Want to try a tool before the session? – Install free Color / Contrast Analyser.
  • Want to read some materials before the session? – Start here.


You may RSVP to the event by sending a request to “weekendtestersamericas” on Skype and letting us know you wish to take part in the session (if you have not initiated a contact request, please do that and mention in the body of your message that you would like to participate in this session).On Saturday, May 7th, 2016, be online and ready to connect to the session about fifteen minutes prior to the start of the session. We are willing to add latecomers, but it gets distracting if we have to reiterate everything that happened in the earlier part of the session, so we generally limit new attendees fifteen minutes after the start of the session. We may add more people at that point, but will likely not go back and review what was covered beforehand.


About the Author

Albert Gareev is a dedicated testing and test automation professional, technical lead and a hands-on consultant. He combines passion for testing as investigation and learning with an automation approach helping to reach observation levels beyond "naked eye and hand" in complex, large-scale systems. Albert has a blog at http://automation-beyond.com/ and occasionally tweets at @AGareev