WTEU-62 – How to evaluate a product

WTEU-62 – How to evaluate a product

Date: Sunday 18th October 2015
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm BST
Facilitator: Neil Studd

At various points in our personal and professional lives, we will find ourselves confronted with new software. Maybe you’re starting work for a new company; maybe you want to analyse competitors’ products; maybe you’re trying to decide whether your team should adopt a particular new tool.

Often we don’t have the benefit of extensive documentation, or access to the people who originally wrote the software. Therefore, we have to find other ways to become familiar with a product. This might include exploring the software for yourself; how do you do this, and what (if anything) might you record as you go?

In this month’s session, we looked at Slack, an increasingly-popular messaging tool which aims to eradicate some of the problems of other tools such as instant messaging and email. One of our reasons for evaluating Slack is that it could be a replacement for our traditional Skype sessions.

You can review the Skype portion of the session transcript here. However, the bulk of this session was conducted on Slack, allowing people to test how Slack handles images, videos and other attachment snippets. If you want the full session experience, head over to https://wteu.slack.com/

About the Author

Neil is a tester from the United Kingdom who has been testing desktop, mobile and web applications for the past ten years, working in a range of agile roles for organisations as varied as Oracle and Last.fm. In his spare time, he participates in freelance and beta testing projects, as a way of learning and developing new approaches to testing.