How quickly can you learn the product? Experience Report of WT 16

How quickly can you learn the product? Experience Report of WT 16
So Many Edit Fields, How complex this application would be?

So Many Edit Fields, How complex this application would be?

Date: 28th Nov 2009

Time: 3pm – 5pm IST

Application: SpeedSim

Testers: Deepak Dhananjay, Jaswinder Kaur Nagi, Khair-un-nisa Iqbal,  Maik Nogens, Manjunath N, Pradeep Soundararajan, Santhosh Tuppad,  Shanmugam K R, Sharath Byregowda

Objectives of this session: How quickly you learn an application, Do you  question enough and how harmful it is to assume.

Mission: There were three missions. Each of the three missions was given only when the testers completed the previous mission. Testers were not informed that there existed three missions.

Testing started at sharp 3pm IST after a brief introduction. This session was very unique as we had a lot of diversity.

Testers from Germany, Pakistan and India were testing together. The experience level of each tester was also quite varied.

While some testers asked questions to get more information, some were blaming the complexity of the application.

It was amazing to see Khair-un-nisa, Maik, Santhosh, Sharath complete the first mission in less than twenty minutes. While other testers were busy thinking if the mission was really that simple, the second mission was presented to the early-birds.

They were surprised to know the existence of multiple missions. 🙂

Some testers were struggling to complete the first mission. For some of them, this was their first experience to online games and simulations.

While Jassi achieved the first mission fifty minutes into testing, Deepak got it at the sixtieth minute.

Shanmugam had achieved the mission thirty minutes into the session.

So, once Santhosh, Maik, Sharath and Pradeep completed the second mission, they were handed the third mission.

Only Pradeep completed all the three missions. Congrats Pradeep.

Discussion session started at 4pm IST and was interesting.

We started off with Maik who enjoyed the entire session and found a lot of interested people in the WT session. This was the first session for him and we hope to see him in the next session too. Maik realized the importance of questioning and the danger of assumptions.

His learning was summarized in two words: “Be Prepared”.

Khair-un-nisa even on completing the first mission was skeptical and questioned himself: “Can a mission be so simple?” It’s good to question to clear traps. Khair-un-nisa felt good after the testing session and has promised to join the upcoming sessions.

His approach of trying One Variable at a time to crack the second mission was appreciated. Lack of time prevented him from achieving the third mission.

A mini discussion started with Khai-un-nisa stating that “problem statement must be clear in scope” and others pitching in their points.

Pradeep had a valid and strong point:

How many of you agree that we have to learn to work with managers who cannot give us clear mission statements?

Weekend testing is an open forum where one can argue, question, discuss without any restriction or hesitation.

Manjunath had found a blocker 🙂  The application could not be launched on his machine. So, he spent his testing session observing others questions and learning from the discussions going on.

Jassi was the next to share her experiences. The most interesting part was that she had even thought of giving up the mission but then she found the solution at the fiftieth minute. Being late to the session did not help her cause. One of the probable reasons for her delay in solving was her dislike towards online games.

Her mindset was her blocking factor. This is a good start. Maybe she will pick up more and achiee future missions quickly.

Shanmugam had an interesting point about the session:

The experience was awesome.. It was like a doctor doing an operation for a patient. The operation need to be done in an hour or else the patient ll loose his life..”

He highlighted that his brain started working faster than it was working before. This was the first time WT witnessed such comments 🙂

Next it was Sharath’s turn. He felt that the mission was not challenging enough as he had achieved it in less than twenty five minutes. He along with Santhosh felt that testers complicated the simple mission and built a complex model – self trap.

Deepak who met the mission only at the sixtieth minute was happy at interacting with so many testers. He had built a trap for himself.

Questioning is a key skill for a tester and it might help Deepak in future testing sessions.

Santhosh found the mission very easy. This being his first WT session (it was first session to Maik, Khair-un-nisa, Shanmugam, Manjunath too ), he was thrilled to get the mission and surprised at such an easy mission.

He respected the given mission and achieved the two missions.

Pradeep was the last tester to share his experiences and he had just one line to say: his blog URL wherein he had published a post on this session simultaneously.

Here is the URL:

This highlighted a strong fact that testers can always practice their skills instead of complaining lack of time.

A superb message for a superb weekend session.

See you all in the next weekend session.

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