WTEU-48 – Test Reporting

WTEU-48 – Test Reporting

Date: Sunday 17th August 2014
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm British Summer Time (4.30pm – 6.30pm Central European Time)
Facilitators: Amy Phillips and Neil Studd

Attendees:Amy Brown, Ahtoh Румянцев, Ardi Türk, Halliki Mullari, Neil Studd, Raj Pushpa, Simon Knight, Siim Sutrop, Srinivas Kadiyala

Experience Report:

It was another lively session for WTEU, with attendees joining from around the globe and bringing fantastically diverse testing backgrounds.

This session focussed on Test Reporting.

The mission was as follows: A test manager has asked to you assess whether the http://www.blindtextgenerator.com/lorem-ipsum tool could be useful to the company test team. Provide a report of your assessment.

We had an excellent discussion on what test reports are, and what purpose they serve. We discussed the importance of knowing who your audience is.

Simon Knight summed the test report up nicely “the purpose of a test report is to provide people who care with information about the status of the product & project including threats, risks and other items that help them ‘sleep easy at night'”.

To carry out the mission we had two teams and a few attendees working individually to test and report on their findings. Test reports are attached to the end of the session transcript

The final debrief was a discussion on how useful test reporting is, the importance of keeping the time needed to produce the report to a minimum and above all, making sure we are reporting on the right information.

Full session transcript, including test reports: Session Transcript

If you want to learn more about test reports, here are a few useful starter points:
– Michael Bolton answers the question of ‘How do you report exploratory testing?
– James Christie’s article on ‘Why do you need to report?
– Mike Kelly’s – Dimensions of a “good” test report

Experience reports from session attendees:
Amy Brown’s session thoughts
WTEU-48: Test Reporting (Neil Studd)
– We’d love to add your report here. Please ping us on Twitter, Skype or email if you’d like to share!

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Amy has spent the last ten years testing in a variety of development environments for companies including Royal Mail, The Guardian, and Yahoo! She is currently test lead at Songkick and enjoying the challenges of mobile and web testing. You can find Amy on Twitter (@itjustbroke) or via testingthemind.wordpress.com