WTANZ 18 – Burrowing into Bugs

Date: Saturday, 22nd February, 2014

Time: 2:00 PM AEDST (click here to check time in your timezone)

Facilitator: Dean Mackenzie

Attendees: Trisha Agarwal, saaketh.g, David Greenlees, Jyothi, Divya Kottikkal, Alessandra Moreira, Nachi, Neethu.S, Janardhan Thammaneni

Experience Report

After a summer slumber, WTANZ re-emerged for the first time in 2014. A number of newcomers and experienced weekend testers turned up to get into the heart of today’s topics: bugs.

Today’s mission was to start with a good, old-fashioned bug hunt on the Woman’s apparel e-commerce site “Woman Within”. The bugs were intended to serve as source material for the following discussion, which was to explore the nature of each bug, what sort of threat it might represent, and other such questions. With David Greenlees setting the early example, the weekend testers explored the web-site primarily by themselves, listing each bug as they uncovered them.

In the subsequent bug hunt, numerous bugs of varying nature and severity were uncovered. When it came to the debrief, two bugs in particular were investigated and reproduced, including:

  • An error page consisting solely of “Service unavailable – Zero size object” text when performing a login without a password several times (intermittently)
  • The shopping cart not updating when using two tabs to order items
  • Special mention to the search field populating with “blue tunic” when entering a space

Along with the above, a host of other bugs had been uncovered. However, the discussion moved to a more “macro” level, discussing all of these bugs in a collective sense. In the flowing conversation that ensued, a number of very interesting points were raised:

  • How and when testers should persuade developers to investigate and fix bugs
  • A bug to a software tester or one customer may not be a bug to the site’s “average” or “targeted” customer
  • When it comes down to it, it is the impact to business value that is likely to determine whether the bug is resolved or not

In all, it was a great start to weekend testing down under for the year. For further reading, the full transcript can be found here.

About the Author

Dean is a software tester living in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Having fallen into testing around seven years ago, he subsequently fell into the context-driving approach several years later. He enjoys studying new ideas (especially around testing or learning), and finds there just isn't enough time to look at all of the good ones. Dean blogs intermittently at www.yesbroken.com and can be found under @deanamackenzie on Twitter.