WTANZ 17 – Combinatorial Testing for Mobile Devices

WTANZ 17 – Combinatorial Testing for Mobile Devices

Date: Saturday 30th November

Time: 2:00 PM AEDT (click here to check time in your timezone)

Facilitator: JeanAnn Harrison

Attendees: Trisha Agarwal, Raghu S, Divya Kottikkal, Scott Cravens, Michael Corum, Dean Mckenzie, Kat Karena and Mike Lyles and Alessandra Moreira (as WTANZ)

Experience Report:

With another solid crowd in attendance for the last WTANZ session for 2013, mobile application testing expert JeanAnn Harrison stepped into the role as a guest facilitator. The theme for today’s foray: combinatorial testing for mobile devices.

Deviating from the usual mission of targeting a web-site, JeanAnn set the group specific challenges to be executed on each tester’s choice of social networking mobile application. The mission was to perform a task on the application, but to do so in a way that tested multiple aspects (e.g. functional, performance, device integration) simultaneously – in other words, combinatorial testing.

While JeanAnn had a number of challenges ready to test the group, such was the conversation resulting from each that only the first two were met (we’re hoping she can return and finish the other challenges!). The discussion flowed thick and fast, covering such areas as:

  • Categories of mobile app testing combined in the testing – functional, performance, localisation, and even usefulness testing (among others)
  • The combinatorial testing many testers unconsciously perform, even if focused only on functional testing
  • The interdependence between a mobile device, its OS and the application

While the whole session was filled with great ideas on mobile app testing, some of the key concepts that emerged included:

  • Mobile app testing should focus on user experience above practically everything else
  • Exploring bugs beyond the initial symptoms displayed with further testing
  • The difference something as “mundane” as charging a phone can have on an application

The session was far too short for such an in-depth topic, but it was an excellent look into the complex world of mobile app testing for the attendees. And although WTANZ has concluded for 2013, WTANZ is returning in January 2014 with loads of exciting sessions and more mobile app testing (with JeanAnn’s assistance).

Full session transcript can be found here.

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