WT 93 & 94: Bug Hunting: OneKlikStreet

WT 93 & 94: Bug Hunting: OneKlikStreet

Date: Apr 14th 2013

Time: 4pm – 6pm IST

Participants: Abhishek, Aleksander, Anca, Ashwin, Dwarika, Molnar, Neelima, Rajashekar, Saritha, Saurabh and Suman

Facilitator: Ajay

Application: OneKlikStreet


We welcome feedback for the application. The service is at OneKlikStreet.com

1. It is a virtual office in the “clouds” with seamless audio and video facility.
2. You need the latest Google Chrome installed on your machine. The video/audio facility is purely browser based.
3. You can click “Live Demo” on the home page to enter a trial video/audio conference. Or signup and enter the trial video/audio conference.
4. click “Connect” to join the call.
5. Once in a conference room, you can invite others by email by clicking the invite button
6. You can share documents with others by uploading a document.

What do we expect at end of testing session?

We will test for 60 mins. A test report highlighting your observations.

Session Highlights:

We had all the testers focused on the mission. There were more than one first timers too.

Please find the reports and chat transcript below.

Dwarika , Molnar, Neelima, Saritha, Suman, Abhishek, Aleksander, Saurabh

Session Chat Transcript

* The reports have been removed on product owner’s request. Most of the bugs have been fixed.

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