WT 90: Bug Hunting: Mockup Data

WT 90: Bug Hunting: Mockup Data

Date: Mar 03rd 2013

Time: 4pm – 6pm IST

Participants: Andrii, Anurag, Imam, Jagan, Koh, Lavanya, Neelima, Nikhil, Rahul

Facilitator: Ajay

Application: Mockup Data


Hi Ajay,

I hope you had a chance to take a look at MockupData. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Anyway, yesterday I have released new version with an “email generator” feature, that many people have requested after initial release… I think what I’m going to implement next is the option to mix-in different charsets (e.g. in names).

Let me know your thoughts, I’m really trying to create a meaningful product!

So, lets help him create a meaningful product.

What do we expect at end of testing session?

We will test for 60 mins. A test report highlighting your bugs/issues with screenshots.

Session Highlights:

We had many active testers in this session compared to previous sessions. The product addresses a important need for any testing session – the test data. Igor Jese was kind enough to give us free licenses to test the application. Some of them were first-timers.

We discussed about the bugs discovered, the good to have features. The reports ranged from word document, mindmap to simple text documents.

All the reports can be found here. Andrii, Anurag, Imam, Jagan, Koh, Lavanya, Neelima, Nikhil, Rahul.

Please find the unedited chat transcript here.

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