WT 86: Bug Hunting: FastStone Capture

WT 86: Bug Hunting: FastStone Capture

Date: Feb 03rd 2013

Time: 4pm – 6pm IST

Participants: Anurag, Koh, Sanjiv

Facilitator: Ajay

Application: FastStone Capture

The application “FastStone Capture” is going to be used by testers who usually record for more than twenty minutes and take a lot of screenshots. Figure out if this tool is useful for the testers.

Session Highlights:

There were only three testers attending this session. Koh had Mac, Sanjiv and Anurag had Windows. Koh discovered that FastStone Capture was not supported on Mac. Like a good tester, he immediately raised a red flag. I gave him one more application named Copernicus. Later, he reported that some of the features did not work correctly.

Sanjiv was participating for the first time. I told him about weekendtesting sessions in brief:

As this is your first session, let me tell you how it works
First 1 hr, we will test based on mission
Next 1 hr, we will discuss.

Sanjiv asked if it was similar to Screen Hunter. As I had never heard of it, I quickly downloaded the tool and tried it. I did not like the tool. Balaji who was with me, also commented that the first thing that struck him was the “complexity” of the tool. We discovered that most of the options are available only for Pro mode and FastStone Capture is far better compared to Screen Hunter.

Few questions were asked and finally, it was time up for the discussion session.

In the discussion session, we discussed about the tool’s ease of use, bugs and the cost of the tool. Though it had some issues, everyone agreed about the value of the tool.

Please find the session transcript here.

The reports: Koh’s report, Anurag’s report

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