WT 85: Bug hunting: Rainlendar

WT 85: Bug hunting: Rainlendar

Date: Jan 27th 2013

Time: 4pm – 6pm IST

Participants: Aleksander, Anurag, Deepak, Jasminka, Koh

Facilitator: Ajay

Application: Rainlendar

The application “Rainlendar” is going to be used as a mandatory application for all students in XYZ University. The professors want to know if there exists any bugs? If yes, they want a list of bugs.

 Session Highlights:
We started on time. This was the first session of the new year 2013. We had a good range of experience and diversity among the testers.
While Aleksander was testing for close to eight years, Koh had hardly spent eight months in testing industry.

After the introduction round, the mission was provided to the testers. Meanwhile, they downloaded the installer from the Downloads page. Most of us had Win 7 and Alex had Win XP. Koh was the only tester on a Macintosh OS.

Also, each of the testers had attended at least two weekend testing sessions before this one. So, we did not spend much time explaining the concept. We kept it to a minimum:

First hour, we will test based on the mission
Second hour, we will discuss our experiences

For the next forty minutes, there was hardly any questions.

The only questions were asked by Anurag if the bugs had to be reported right away on Skype or later? Also, he checked if anyone wanted to pair with him. I think, everyone worked on their own.

And it was time to submit the test report. Jasminka was first to submit her report. Koh had his report in the form of a mindmap.
Aleksander’s report can be found here. Anurag too sent his report. Deepak was offline when the discussion session started.

We then started with the discussion session. It was interesting to note that none of the testers liked the application.


1. Too many options and not very userfriendly. Overload of the same options.
2. After installing it I had to start it to see it. Was wondering where it went. Other programs start and are visible immediately.
3. Usefulness, it doesn’t serve my needs.

While we discussed why each one of us did not like, we tried to define what ‘user-friendly’ means to each one of us. Aleksander highlighted that ‘ease of use and learning’ would characterize a user friendly application.

Then, the discussion shifted to the testing approach used by the testers:

Koh focussed on feature tour, Jasminka spent her time trying to get a simple picture of what the  application can do?
Aleksander re-read the mission and relate the features to professors and students. Anurag just started to test.

While Aleksander was the only one to consciously relate back to the mission, it is a good idea to visit the blog post by Michael Bolton on Test Framing. We discussed about the bugs and then closed the session.

For details about next session, please visit: http://weekendtesting.com/discussions?vasthtmlaction=viewforum&f=4.0

The session chat transcript can be found here.



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