WT 77 – eBay – ‘Add to Wishlist’ feature testing

WT 77 – eBay – ‘Add to Wishlist’ feature testing

Date: 12nd May 2012

Time: 4 PM to 6 PM


Ashwin Kumar, Mohinder Khosla, Rajesh Kumar Kovuri, Surendra Indla, Krishna Huliyar, Ragav Vedapuri, Selvam Qc and Teri Charles.


Rasmus Koorits


The mission for today is to test eBay “Add to watchlist” feature as a team effort. Please note that Add to watchlist actually has several options. The Wish list is of special interest to us, because it has new functionality.  At the end of the testing session, provide your observations and issues in the form of a test report.

Chat Transcript: Click here

Individual Reports:

Rajesh, Krishna, Mohinder, Rasmus, Teri and two more bugs here and here.

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