WT69 – What time is it now? GMT, IST, PDT, ???

WT69 – What time is it now? GMT, IST, PDT, ???

Date: Oct 22, 2011

Time: 4 PM IST to 6 PM IST


Today's session is about Time Zone Conversion

Compare and contrast these two time zone converters.

1. How useful is each link to the user, tester?
2. What are the advantages/disadvantages in each of the converters?
3. If you had to design only ten tests for each of the converters, what would they be?

At the end of the testing session, I expect a testing report with answers
to the above questions.


Anuj, Aaron, Victor, Allmas, Sulaimon, Philip, Madhusudhan, Reshma,
Sumit, Prasanna and Vamshi.

Please find the chat transcript here.


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