WT65 – Task Coach – Paired test plan

WT65 – Task Coach – Paired test plan
Today's session is about Task Coach
Today's session concentrates on pairing up with a tester and preparing a document on how
you will approach testing this application.
Time to prepare the report: 1 hr.
According to the programmer, you get 3 hrs to test.
So, make sure your approach helps you test within 3 hrs.

Let us start.

Session Highlights:

Testers: Akanksha, Balaji, Phanindra, Priyank, Ravisuriya, Selim, Vamshi

Facilitator: Ajay

Testers paired up on Typewith.me and created a checklist of features to test.

Here is the report from one team – Report 1

Balaji prepared a mind map

The most worrying part of this session from a facilitator’s perspective was that none of the testers asked any questions before starting the testing session. There were no questions about the stakeholders, the mission. The testers started testing and drafting the document from first minute.

Please feel free to go through the chat transcript here.

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