WT63: MailChimp – Useful for WeekendTesting?

WT63: MailChimp – Useful for WeekendTesting?

Date: 09th July 2011

Time: 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM IST

Application: MailChimp


Design a template and evaluate if mailchimp can be used to send emails to Weekend Testers with the session details.


Balaji, Ravisuriya, Fred, Sahar, Bharani, Indra, Vamshi, Suneet and Ajay


  • New testers joined us this week to test MailChimp.
  • All the testers worked on one single task – creating a campaign on behalf of WeekendTesting
  • Quick completion of task with help of other testers.
  • Good discussion of suitability, bugs and experience sharing.
  • Use of multiple software (Skype, Typewith.me, MailChimp, WeekendTesting website, Gmail) and learning to deal with complexity.

Feel free to go through the entire chat transcript here.

If you would like to join us for the next session, watch out for future announcements at http://weekendtesting.com/discussions?vasthtmlaction=viewforum&f=4.0

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