WNT: Crack the barcode!

WNT: Crack the barcode!

Product: http://www.barcodeart.com/artwork/netart/yourself/yourself.swf

Mission: This Flash app generates barcodes – but how? Can you find how it’s calculating them?

Find the highest value that you can, and report invalid values.

Oliver cracked the code -> this current barcode should be based on GTIN-12 barcode standard http://www.gs1us.org/solutions_services/tools/check_digit_calculator

Andy Approach: 1st approach was to try the app. so answer the questions a few times. then re-started and kept the same values except one value (e.g. height). Then started using Oliver’s idea of using the back button. I used a spreadsheet to keep note of my entries & values

Oliver: I started from zero values and then started moving from backwards to frontbecause it was less clicking. after I discovered weight, then height, country was trouble (since I couldn’t choose any), age, gender. after kg in weights gave me wierd results I tested pounds. that gave me baseline to what base-system is usedheight was easy 99/12 – gives height ft/inches

Peter: I came in a bit late so was trying to change one factor at a time on country…

Bruja: I also did one thing for fun. I scanned it with my phone to see if it would find any products with that barcode. I used Jing to capture the codes i created, to have a visual

Lisa: I have to admit, I started with data similar to mine but not exactly, I’m always paranoid about someone stealing my personal info then I tried to get the numbers as big as possible

Rakesh’s Approach: I did some research how bar code is created in general and found that the way bar code is created by this application differes to some data i found. Then tried Link DIAGRAM on the top of the application provided view of how this bar code is created.Then performed trail and error methods to find largest number @Bruja i think this app uses some encoding to generate $4 out of the details we’ve provided didn’t managed to find what that encoding is though..May be a trap – when we hover <Back and >Next buttons it performs some animation which appeared like its performing some calculation… !!

Please find the chat transcript here.

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