EWT46 – Opera play to show heuristic test model

EWT46 – Opera play to show heuristic test model

Weekend Testing – Europe Chapter Session No. 46

Date: Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time: 09:00 AM UTC

Participants: JassiMauri Edo , Ovidiu Ursachi, Rahul Vig, Jeroen Rosink , Maik and Eusebiu Blindu (Sebi). Maik and Sebi   facilitated the session

The mission was:

“Use the Heuristic Test Strategy Model to define a test strategy for 60 minutes for the application “Opera Browser”
Heuristic Test Strategy Model
Opera Browser
“Choose at least one from the three elements”
After one hour, we like to get a report from you; in any form you would find relevant to present at the ending of the session.
The purpose will be:
— to learn of and with this model
— discuss about the approach
— Share what you learned or where you had difficulties.
Participants selected the preferred categories, but mostly got familiar with the model.
Nice discussion and reports at the end.

Maik had a report here Maik’s report
Mauri gave a nice one too #EWT46_Mauri
Ovidiu also gave a lot of interest and show Opera – functions – test strategy_Ovidiu
For all interested in seeing the whole transcript  its here EWT46

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