EWT43 – Improving bug reports

EWT43 – Improving bug reports

Weekend Testing – Europe Chapter Session No. 43

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time: 15:00 UTC

Participants: Riyaj Shaikh, Santhosh Shinde, Mohinder Khosla and Eusebiu Blindu(host).

The mission was:

Select one (ore more) issue(s) from the list http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/list?can=2&q=EWT43&colspec=ID+Stars+Pri+Area+Feature+Type+Status+Summary+Modified+Owner+Mstone+OS&x=mstone&y=area&cells=tiles

and improve the existing bug report.

The participants got familiar with the product and tried to reproduce first the issues.

A big product will need more familiarity and that was one issue observed.

There were individual reports at the end that tried to be validated by the rest.

Mohinder had his report. Also Santhosh gave one attached here: chromium-issues .

Sebi added a comment and could investigate more an issue that looked previously very simple.

The full transcript can be seen here EWT43-transcript

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