EWT41 – Boundary Testing for Skype Chat

EWT41 – Boundary Testing for Skype Chat

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time: 15:00 UTC

Participants: Anna Baik, Ben Simo, David Vydra, Kristjan Uba, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Michael Larsen, Narasimha Reddy, Nitin Purswani, Petteri Lyytinen, Santhosh S Tuppad and Eusebiu Blindu (as host)

The mission was  “Boundary Testing for Skype Chat”  with  focus on the chat message

It was split into five parts:

1) What are the max, minimum lengths of a visible chat message?
2) What are the limits preserved in a history chat?
3) Are the limits affected by the content of a message (like if I have an emoticon do I have less space for a message)
4) Are there any effects on the application for some chat size messages?
5) Did you noticed any particular behavior worth mentioning?

Anyone could have picked and changed the mission during the first hour.

The discussion turned in the beginning to the legal aspects of this mission, whether or not its OK to “stretch” the limits of an application like Skype. Truth being told, we need to be careful with this part in the areas we test, and maybe analyze the legislation regarding it. But I think also we should not worry too much for everything.

We had used perlclip for this mission (although it wasn’t mandatory) to ease our test data. We went through some aspects like approach, curiosity, ideas about back-end of the application etc…
I think we found some issues in the product and hope the participants won ideas in approach, tools, views and stuff that can help them do a better job in this field.

Anyone can read the transcript here

After the session some side effects were reported like old messages poping out, so don’t do this at home ! 🙂

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