EWT40 – Mission impossible

EWT40 – Mission impossible

Participants: Amy BAlex RotaruEusebiu Blindu (mostly hosting), Tony Bruce . A great help came from Michael BoltonBen Simo added his experience shortly after.

The official mission was:

“The mission is to evaluate http://freeradius.org/download.html
and state if a proper testing can be done for it in the next month
Participants should list what are the needs to test this, if possibe,
and if we should hire another person in testing department more familiar with this.

Participants are encouraged to design a low tech testing dashboard for
testing that particular application.

Example http://www.satisfice.com/presentations/dashboard.pdf

However, the product was merely an excuse to find solutions when dealing with confusing requirements, requirements that cannot be evaluated immediately,  in order to give a fast estimate.

There is much more there and the mission tried to simulate a frustrating situation during the beginning of a project, when people up want answers maybe too fast in order to give answers upper.

Amy for example stated that, even if the mission looked unpleasant in the beginning, after interventions from Michael Bolton, that elevated the discussion, recognized she encounters a lot this problem.

The full transcript can be seen here

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