WT56 – Texter – Tool to save time?

WT56 – Texter – Tool to save time?

Date: March 26th , 2011

Time: 4 PM to 6 PM IST

Tool: Texter Portable


The owner of the SmartQuick Testing company wants to know how useful “Texter Portable” tool is for his testing team. Please evaluate the tool and highlight issues, bugs & advantages.
  • Testers found the tool – Texter useful.
  • Bugs in Texter were highlighted.
  • Testers asked questions to clarify the mission (Good to see that)
  • Being a small team, the testers exchanged notes & helped each other.

Please find the session chat transcript here.

Balaji’s Report ; Vamshi’s Report ; Balaji’s Mind map

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