Agile Testing UK: WeekNight Testing *LIVE*

Agile Testing UK: WeekNight Testing *LIVE*

Session Report from Hamburg, Germany

Date: 23rd March 2011

Brindusa Gabur, Tobias Geyer, Marco Hutzsch, Maik Nogens, Andreas Wachowski

Facilitator: Markus Gärtner

After setting up the video conference over skype on our video projector we were excitedly waiting to get the mission and start testing. We organized the overall testing time into 10 minutes of testing, intervened with a 5 minutes debrief and pair switching. Here are the two flipcharts containing the mission and the organization instructions:

During the first session, the participants took a look into the touring heuristics from Michael Kelly, and started to install Firefox. We had a bunch of browser preferences covered including IE8, Chrome, and Safari. After the first session we identified some points in the debrief. Among them were the different ordering of Close Window and Close Tab. The keyboard shortcuts seemed to be the same in chrome and Firefox, but exporting bookmarks to transition to a new browser was missing. It seems that the Firefox team did not think about having someone switch from their browser to another – or that they wanted to make life for those who do complicated. Firefox also cannot chew partial URLs as Chrome does. The full list of points from the first
debrief is here:

After switching pairs, the three groups decided to split up the heuristics among them. One group focused on the FCC, one on the CUTS, and the third on the VIDS part. The participants choose this split up in order to get more coverage. Testers identified some problems during the second session. Regarding the claim that Firefox is faster and needs less memory one participant compared chrome with Firefox, which yielded 80 MB for Chrome after startup vs. 130 with FireFox. Opening and Closing multiple tabs slowed down Firefox. In the configuration tour the pair mentioned that they couldn’t find out how to change the language. They paired on a German machine with one non-native German speaker, and found the configuration menu intuitive even if you don’t speak the language. For Chrome the functionality like FireBug is already included. In Firefox you need to bring in an addon to get the same results. One participant identified some claims which he couldn’t
verify in the ten minutes of time. The full notes from the second
flipchart are here:

The third session identified some additional topics, but no bigger insights. Web development and testing is just sufficiently supported by installing an Add-On. There is currently no Selenium-IDE available. There seems to be a Web console which participants used and found an interesting idea, but it was hidden too much. For page properties like file sizes one participant mentioned that he had different file sizes in IE8 and FireFox. A similar thing goes for different information about media like pictures and video. The full debrief flipchart is here:

One thing that worked just naturally was the organization in sessions. Testers picked there session and the mission right from the start. One thing denoted was the lack of mission clarification. We had one participant who had previously attended WeekEnd or WeekNight Testing sessions, the remaining four were new (the facilitator not counted). The team started to self-organize even in the second session by splitting up the heuristic tours among them. Everyone was fine pairing, though we had five testers, which meant that one had to test alone in each session. Providing the comments in the debrief on
flipcharts helped the team to gain new insights, though the energy level seemed to drop in the third session – maybe because the mission was too broad. As a facilitator I would have constrained a fourth session, and give it some more focus, or work through the debrief notes, and identify new sessions charters collaboratively for a longer test project.

Everyone agreed that it was awesome, and were looking forward to repeat this in the future.

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