WT55 – Corkboard for WeekendTesting?

WT55 – Corkboard for WeekendTesting?

Testers: Akanksha Talwar, Balaji, Martin Jansson, Narasimha Reddy, Rajashekhara, Sri, Vamshi.

Facilitator: Mohinder Khosla

Date: 12th March 2011

Time: 4: 00 PM to 6:00 PM IST


Important Rule to keep in mind: Do not use fake email address when requesting updates.
Your customer is WT55 who is planning to buy a license for the product you are about to test. The vendor claims that it can be effectively used for brainstorming, story boarding, IM and more.
You have been to ask to test the product and make recommendations whether it is a good tool for collaboration. WT55 is not worried about Bug reporting but it will be a bonus. Any bugs found will be passed to the vendor to fix at no extra cost.
Your responsibility is to write a report for the benefit of WT55 with your recommendations. The report should include ‘for’ and ‘against’ reasons of buying the license.
WT55 is not interested in ‘nice to have features’ but would welcome any suggestions. Don’t forget to report browser and OS incompatibility.
Therefore, your report your should contain all or some of the following sections
Nice to have features
You can start hacking whenever you are ready. Use the link below to access the product http://corkboard.me
1. The URL to share between the pairs or threes can be found by clicking bubble in the bottom left corner of the screen.
2. Read product specification before diving in by clicking ‘?’ icon.


  • Guest Facilitator: Mohinder Khosla did a good job of facilitation.
  • A stable application to test and testers were impressed with the application.
  • Good quality of bugs and issues. The test report is linked to their name.


Please find the unedited chat transcript here.

And here is a mindmap created by Balaji 🙂

Special thanks to Mohinder for facilitating this session.

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