WT54 – Entaggle Testing

WT54 – Entaggle Testing

Testers: Ajoy Singha, Akanksha Talwar, Balaji, Mohinder Khosla, Richard R, Sebi, Shiva, Vamshi.

Facilitator: Ajay Balamurugadas

Date: 05th March 2011

Time: 4: 00 PM to 6:00 PM IST


We will test the staging server of entaggle at www.staging.entaggle.com http://staging.entaggle.com
Focus on one of the following two charters:
a. Quality Criteria: Cabability, Usability, Compatibility
b. Testing Techniques: Function Testing, Flow Testing, Scenario Testing
Highlights of the session:
  • Due to the mistake on the part of facilitator, testers spent a considerable amount of time testing on actual production server.
  • Diverse test ideas – Clearly highlighted by the testers’ test reports: Ajoy’s report, Akanksha’s report, Balaji’s report and Shiva’s report.
  • Bugs, suggestions, feature requests were provided.
  • Questions were asked to understand the mission!

Please find the unedited session chat transcript here.

And remember that the staging server is http://staging.entaggle.com

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