WNT05 – Investigate, Analyze & Solve

WNT05 – Investigate, Analyze & Solve

Date: 09th Feb 2011

Time: 07:30 PM GMT

Testers: Adam Yuret, Brian Osman, Chris Thomson Philip, Darren Mcmillan, David Liebreich, Del Dewar, Kavitha Deepak, Lalitkumar S Bhamare, Martin Jansson, Mohinder Khosla, Oliver V, Rakesh Reddy, Ruud Cox, Stephen Hill, Sudhamshu Ailineni, Vamshi

Facilitator: Sharath Byregowda

As testers, testing is one part of our job, but we are also expected to investigate, research and provide information to our stake holders. Today the mission is to investigate, analyse and find a solution and yes find bugs on the way.

Mission1: Go to the link http://www.members.shaw.ca/gf3/circle-the-cat.html and “Circle the cat”

If you meet the above mission within 1 hr move to the second mission

Mission2: Go to the link http://www.horse-games.org/Horse_Dressage.html and look for bugs (You are free to find any bug)

If you feel the mission seems interesting, go thru the transcript here and you will not be disappointed 🙂

Blogpost from Mohinder Khosla: http://agileage.blogspot.com/2011/02/weeknight-testing-take-5.html

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