WT52 – On Screen Keyboards

WT52 – On Screen Keyboards

Weekend Testing Session No.52

Date: 05th Feb 2011

Testers: Balaji Ponnada, Jahira Banu, Mohinder Khosla, Vamshi, Sindhu Ajith.

Facilitator: Ajay Balamurugadas

The session started on time at 4pm IST.


Hope everyone has downloaded from http://frontype.com/keyboard/Hindi-keyboard-layout.html
Mission is as follows:
Compare & Contrast Frontype keyboard with On-screen keyboard available in Windows.
At the end of 5pm IST, DSC Organization will decide if it needs to buy Frontype keyboard license or live with on screen keyboard
As soon as the mission was revealed, testers started installing the application. While some installed the application without any problem, some faced compatibility issues. As a facilitator, I was surprised to some extent with what was happening. Very few questions were raised.
It is not Weekend Testing if you could predict what would happen in the session 🙂
As with any other weekend testing sessions, this session was filled with its own unique challenges:
Different Approach – Few questions asked
As the session started, I expected a lot of questions around the mission. There were very few questions asked – maybe the mission was not ambiguous at all!
Test Environment
No two testers had the same operating system installed. If they did have the same OS, the anti-virus installed was different which played a big role in the installation of Frontype keyboard.
What do you do when struck?
When you are unable to install the application to test, when you are unable to access Skype, when you are not sure of what’s happening, what do you do? All the testers involved in WT52 demonstrated what they would do.
When Mohinder realized that it would take a lot of time to download, he asked for the .exe in private.
When Balaji found out that the application is not compatible with Win 7, he fired up a VM with Win XP and continued.
When Sindhu could not access Skype, she contacted me on Gmail, Gmail chat, twitter to participate in the WT52 session.
What did Jahira do when there was chaos around her? She calmly proceeded with her testing!
Network Issues
There were multiple disconnections – We had to use two different typewith.me sessions. As we wanted to include Sindhu from UAE where Skype is supposedly blocked, all the testers switched to typewith.me . We were never sure as to when the current session would be disconnected and that was also fun!
Testers helped each other with tips, issue list. It was amazing to have all the testers on Skype, then on to typewith.me, have their reports emailed to me, share those reports’ link through dropbox and finally listen to the different experiences of all the testers.
Experience Reports
Thank you all testers for the wonderful session and hope to have such amazing sessions again & again.

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