WNT03 – TinyURL – Really Tiny?

WNT03 – TinyURL – Really Tiny?

Date: Jan 12th, 2011

Time: 07.30pm – 09.30pm GMT

Mission: Test www.tinyurl.com for functional bugs.

Testers: Ajay Balamurugadas, Anna Baik, Darren McMillan, Del Dewar, Mike Scott, Rakesh Reddy, Tony BruceLisa Crispin

Facilitator: Sharath Byregowda


  • Same mission – unique approaches.
  • Paired Testing.
  • Use of different tools – Mindmeister, Rapid Reporter.
  • Excellent de-brief & discussion on Heuristics.

Please find the chat transcript here.

Note: There was one tinyurl created by Darren McMillan which was really very tiny. You can check it out on page 3 through page 20. If you are not interested, please jump to page 20 directly after page 3.

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