WT50 – Fireshot – Support Issues

WT50 – Fireshot – Support Issues

Date: 08th Jan 2011

Time: 4pm – 6pm IST


FireShot is a browser addon which captures, edits, annotates, organizes, exports, uploads and prints screenshots of your web pages.
They are facing a problem with many issues being raised on their support page and most of them lack important information. Please work in pairs and go through the issues logged and add additional information to help the programmer.

You will have to register as a user here : http://screenshot-program.com/sup/index.php?a=vforum&f=12

Can you find the root cause and help the fix the issues faster? Let us see.

The session started on time and was a special one – The 50th Session 🙂 This session witnessed many first timers in a weekendtesting session. Testers chose their pairs quickly and asked few questions to clarify the mission. It was good to see all testers at Moolya Software Testing Private Limited practicing testing in weekendtesting session.

Some testers paired offline, some worked solo, some read the bug reports while some explored the tool to learn more about Fireshot. Time literally flew and we started the discussion session right after the testing session.


  • Feedback on the Fireshot support page.
  • Different configuration of test environment and Skype for pairing.
  • Bug reporting style & quality of bug reports.
  • Different tools and ways of taking screenshots.
  • Experience reports.

Please find the session transcript here and an experience report here.

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