WNT 02: Free your Text2Mindmap

WNT 02: Free your Text2Mindmap

Date: 15th December 2010
Time: 07.30pm GMT


Site: www.text2mindmap.com

Test the site, make notes of your testing session in the form of a mindmap. Also note the bugs, issues found in your testing.

We started the session with just three testers and slowly some more joined in. Some of the testers who were late from office also participated actively. The mission was simple and the testers asked context revealing questions (more here) like ‘any specific quality criteria to focus on’, ‘time left’.

There seemed to be a trap here – the facilitator was ignoring the questions. Some of the testers repeated the questions while some of them assumed and moved forward.

There was one important factor to consider – Will the testers use www.text2mindmap.com to create the final testing report (mindmap) or will they use some other mindmap tools? So, testers were given one hour to finish their mindmap and some interesting tests like pasting 1 million characters, dragging the map out of the window were carried out.

Once the discussion session started, after the initial burst of sharing the cool bugs & mindmaps, the focus shifted to

‘Why did the facilitator not give more information about the mission? Was that a trap’

The discussion shifted to the different test ideas, different bugs discovered in the testing session.

Some testers used a cheatsheet like the one here and the HSTM here

How mindmaps help in organizing the thoughts was discussed. Slowly testers compared Text2Mindmap with Rapid Reporter, Freemind and Session Tester.

The final question was: Are mindmaps good enough for recording testing sessions or for forming strategy?

The session was concluded with everyone highlighting the takeaway from this session.

Please find the entire chat transcript here.

Next session on Wed 5th Jan 19:30 GMT

Update: Mindmaps from this session are uploaded here, here, one more, final one, and here.

Image credits: http://karmeyhesed.org/

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