EWT37 – Escape!

EWT37 – Escape!

Date: 16th October 2010
Time: 15:30 โ€“ 17:30 UTC

Product: Escape!

Hereโ€™s the challenge Escape is a very simple flash game, it has a few bugs. Your job as a tester is not essentially to find the bugs but to test the application and report your results.

Please report any bug you find to bug repository until an hour from now.

Testers: Michael Larsen, Eusebiu Blindu, Anna Baik, Markus Gรคrtner

Michael Larsen facilitated the discussion afterwards.

Michael asked about traps testers had been noticing. The first point mentioned on traps was, that the playful manner of the product trapped testers. When asked whether the game felt challenging, testers pointed out that over time they adapted to the sameness of the block movements, and found new ways to reach a higher score in terms of duration.

Most testers actually copied the page locally, and changed the Javascript source code which was directly put into the page. The group discussed how expectations are derived as a tester. One thing mentioned was empathy, on the other extreme, things that testers find annoying, or bother them personally, maybe. The discussion also mentioned the comparable products heuristic on the increase of game speed.

The group discussed that having the source code for the game in the page directly could be an impediment for a high score feature. Players could find out how to cheat the system, and file unrealistic results to the highscore board.

The group explored some of the elsewhere exploits. The escape bug was easy to replicate.

In the end the group adviced to use the game as a training exercise for new testers. Anna pointed out that messing with the game was more fun than playing the game. This seems to be a pattern for all messy software.

The chat transcript can be found here.

Image credits: farm4.static.flickr.com

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