WTANZ session #10 – Cucumber and Gherkins

WTANZ session #10 – Cucumber and Gherkins

Date: 17 October 2010

Time: 4:30pm AEST/ 6:30pm NZT/12 noon IST/8:30 am Europe

Facilitator: Oliver Erlewein

Attendees:  Marlena C., Keis, Vishavdeep S., Richard R., Frisco D. R., Thomas R., Trish K., Ajay B.


This session was all about BDD testing in Agile/Scrum by using Cucumber. The key is understanding the Gherkin language structure and how that gets translated into Cucumber calls that the execute Watir scripts.

For Gherkin see: http://github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/wiki/gherkin

For installing Cucumber: http://weekendtesting.com/discussions?vasthtmlaction=viewtopic&t=146.0

Cucumber, Watir and Ruby aren’t the simplest of tools to get running so we did have some issues getting it all up and running. But mostly succeeded in the end. Because of the tech issues this session got to be more theoretical than originally planned.

Have a look at the transcript.


And the Cucumber code used is here:



Image credit: http://cucumbers.uea.ac.uk

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