WT48 – Real time Collaboration – Pligus

WT48 – Real time Collaboration – Pligus

Date: October 09th, 2010

Time: 4pm IST – 6pm IST


We’ll all explore as many features as possible, learn the major features.
The final outcome of this exercise is to find out if this tool can be used instead of Skype for weekend testing sessions.

Highlights of the session:

  • Most of the testers stuck to the mission.
  • As usual, every tester had fun and had something to take away as a learning.
  • The tool www.pligus.com is a feature-rich tool and testers had fun exploring it.
  • Testers had both positive as well as negative feedback about the tool.
  • Testers did not fall into the trap, many first timers, excellent session 🙂

Please find the session transcript here.

Feel free to participate in next session. October 16th, 4 pm IST, 10.30 am GMT

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