EWT35 – Unlocked

EWT35 – Unlocked

Date: 11th September 2010
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 UTC

Product: Combination Lock

Try to unlock the combination lock. Please try to solve the first two on your own, observe your problem-solving skills. Please don’t spoil others in the chat.

After you solved the first two, please indicate so in the chat. In order to solve the second two reels, we’re going to pair up.

Testers: Mohinder Khosla, Eusebiu Blindu, Markus Gärtner

Markus Gärtner facilitated the discussion afterwards.

The group discussed how they ended up with their particular solution to unlock the combinations. Markus stated he used the clues to solve the problem. Mohinder stated that he that he used mostly mental arithmetic as well. Eusebiu used a brute force automation approach instead.

The discussion continued to consider different ways to memorize things.

Mohinder pointed that the group did exercise test design, scripted testing and exploratory testing today while trying to solve the puzzles.

The chat transcript can be inspected here.

Image credits: http://cellphonesignal.com/t-mobile-g1-gets-unlocked/

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