EWT30 – On collaboration

EWT30 – On collaboration

Date: 7th August 2010
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 UTC


Management has listened to our problems working with remote developers and testers and are willing to spend money on additional tools. Since we’re already working with Skype and Typewith.me we’re missing a desktop sharing application and have now a likely candidate that management like.

Pair with another tester and evaluate Yuuguu and provide feedback on

  • Features you’re likely to use (with explanation)
  • Features you’re not likely to use (with explanation)
  • Is it suitable for your needs?
  • Ease of use
  • Did you find any bugs that detract from its value – to ease the remote working with developers and testers?

Please create a small report for each group using Typewith.me and file it on bugrepository.com at the end of the 1hr session. A short executive summary at the beginning of the report would be appreciated.

Testers: Veronica Asantewaa, Michael Larsen, Tarik Sheth, Anna Baik, Thomas Ponnet, Markus Gärtner

Thomas Ponnet facilitated the discussion afterwards.

Michael Larsen explained that the application was easy and very straightforward to install. His pairing partner Veronica Asantewaa explained, that she used the coupling to skype, but got quickly annoyed by the default behavior to pop-up a message on the yuuguu application once a message on skype is sent. Unfortunately Michael and Veronica did not get to test the desktop sharing functionality, because the chat functionality distracted – or annoyed – them from it.

The group identified a possible security problem. During the discussion, Tarik Sheth noted that the application did not offer enough information about what it is going to do. In the concrete case, yuuguu took over all skype chat windows when the option “Add Skype contacts” was chosen.

Anna Baik described that Tarik and herself got to test screen sharing and also sharing controls. They noticed that when switching virtual desktops on Linux, that software didn’t notice it, still sharing the previous desktop contents.

The team was asked to slip into the manager role and evaluate session reports which they didn’t write. Michael pointed out that he didn’t have enough information to make a decision. He wanted to spend some more time on gathering new information. Markus explained that he got concerned about the security problems he noticed in the session together with the lack of previous explanation to the user.

The chat transcript can be found here.

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