EWT29 – Coherent ideas

EWT29 – Coherent ideas

Date: 31st July 2010
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 UTC


Let’s use this new tool together to describe Weekend Testing and ideas connected to it. The deliverable will be that the participants have built a network showing connections between people, websites, and ideas around Weekend Testing.

Testers: Veronica Asantewaa, Stephen Hill, Daniel Billing, Jaswinder Kaur Nagi, Eusebiu Blindu, Markus Gärtner

Markus Gärtner facilitated the discussion afterwards.

Daniel Billing explained that he finds the user interface fiddling. He explained, that he did not understand the application first off, but started to get a meaning from it when he first saw some examples from others. He explained, that seeing some examples to learn about a new application could be used during testing as well.

Stephen Hill explained that he viewed the screencast first, and then started to deal with the application. Learning from other examples helped in the quest to understand the application. Unfortunately he couldn’t test much as he had joined the session rather late.

The group discussed the topic that the application was rather annoying to use. When asked what they did to overcome the annoying aspects, the group uniquely stated that they ignored some of the obvious problems in order to explore the application further.

Veronica Asantewaa described that she found the application very confusing. She stated that she is about to move into testing, and the application for today was the first application she tested.

Eusebiu Blindu described that his initial picture from the application was, that some programmer came up with the idea for the application, and wrote it. Unfortunately he found out that this seemed to be the case as the poor usability of the application showed to him.

After all the group agreed that the idea behind the application was very worthwhile. The application could be improved to overcome the usability problems.

The chat transcript of the session can be found here.

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