WTANZ session 07 – Test Automation with Watir

WTANZ session 07 – Test Automation with Watir

Date: 25 July 2010

Time: 4:30pm AEST/ 6:30pm NZT/12 noon IST/8:30 am Europe

Facilitator: Oliver Erlewein

Attendees:  Marlena Compton, Keis, Ram, Vish Arunachalam, Richard Robinson, Frisco Del Rosario, Vivek Sharma


Similar to the facilitation round on accessability the aim was to surf to the weekendtesting.com site, login, go to the forum and put a comment below my post of the session (http://weekendtesting.com/discussions?vasthtmlaction=viewtopic&t=126.0)…..all automated with Watir!

I wanted everyone to go away having written a automated test and be able to go and use that know how immediately somewhere else.

Pre requisite was to have Watir and Ruby installed at the start of the Skype chat. That worked but we still had some quibbles as we headed into the test. The first part was me showing what to do and then the second part was to let the reigns go and get everyone to do the rest on their own.

Ram did a great write-up of the script and what we did so I’m not going to repeat all that here. Just go to his blog.


I was very happy to see WTANZ’s numbers growing again. I think we had a great time and a huge feeling of success for everyone as this was really hands-on & getting them dirty. I am always happy when someone learns the technical tools of the trade. Watir is a great tool and everyone enjoyed automating and helping each other along.

This transcript is quite good. I could imagine it’s easy to follow if you want to have a play with Watir.

In a few weeks I will be doing the follow-up, which is Cucumber a test framework where it’s great to use Watir as the automation bit. Look at the forum here to check when that will happen.

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