NCRWT01: Abiword!!! How many bugs?

NCRWT01: Abiword!!! How many bugs?

Date: 27 June 2010

Time: 3:00 pm IST

Facilitator: Mohit Verma

Attendees: Sajjadul Hakim, Selim Mia, Ajay Balamurugadas, Ajoy Singha


To install and test Abiword and to prepare a bug report.

The journey of NCRWT has started finally. This weekend we had first session of NCR Chapter of Weekend Testing and this session completely belonged to Testers from Bangladesh.

The Session has started at 3:00 PM IST with four Testers – Sajjadul Hakim, Selim Mia, Ajay Balamurugadas and Mohit Verma and later joined by Ajoy Singha.

During session, tester feels that it is a huge application to be test in 1 Hour but they try to test the application with maximum coverage. Looking at their interest for testing, the testing time is increased by half an hour.

The Testing session is followed by Discussion session of 45 minutes approximately.

The testers find the app very easy to test as they generally use Microsoft Word and Open Office Word Processor.

During discussion a very interesting question is raised by Sajjadul Hakim

Should we as testers be trying to suggest new features like this to our Project Managers?

His point was that this is not what they usually keep us for … because that is a sales and marketing related concern.

According to me as a tester, we should suggest him. It is up to him whether he agrees with us or not but we should suggest him if something is fishy.

Selim Mia was also in favour to suggest the new features to the Project Manager.

Another interesting point of discussion is that Microsoft Word is really a competitor of Abiword. According to Selim Mia – To stand in the market, Abiword has to beat Microsoft and Open Office at this moment.

Sajjadul and I did not really agree with this. We think Abiword has a long journey ahead to become a threat for Microsoft.

Session Result: There are many serious issues with the Abiword and few important features are still missing. The issue list can be found here. You can read the chat transcript here.

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