WTANZ03 – Tools,Tools and Tools

WTANZ03 – Tools,Tools and Tools

Date: 16 May 2010

Time: 6:30am GMT/4:30 pm AEST/6:30NZT

Participants: Marlena Compton, Oliver Erlewein, Keis, Ajay Balamurugadas, Thomas Recker, vvchamala, Richard Robinson, keiretsu

Mission: Tools and things that help with testing was the mission. The homework was to bring and discuss what you’re using for your testing.

In all WT sessions I’ve seen so far I noticed that as soon as a tool was mentioned everyone got really excited. So I decided to do a session on just tools. And what a session it was!

Roughly 40 tools in all categories. Firefox plug-ins, USB stick – ready to run software, open source testing tools, wiki tips and much more. I think we all filled each others pockets with a hive of new tools that we can now apply where needed. In the discussion you will find all the links and tips to those tools. Really worth a read. So no testing but a lot of tools brain-to-brain transfer. The next sessions will be interesting now that the capabilities are raised.

The transcript script is here. (HTML/PDF)

Till next time in a fortnight.

[Oliver Erlewein facilitated the discussion]

Image credits: http://www.dullmensclub.com/collections-and-museums.html

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