WT32 Session – A complex test of complexity!!!

WT32 Session – A complex test of complexity!!!

If you are puzzled by the title of this post, trust me. You’ll have a better understanding once you go through the entire chat transcript.

Date: April 17th 2010

Time: 3pm – 5pm IST

Application to Test

We have a newly written user manual on floss manuals –
Using this manual, read the welcome  (http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Mifos/Welcome ) to learn a bit about the purpose of Mifos and pick one of the following sections and test the application to discover new bugs, usability improvements, and user manual improvements:
a. System Users
b. Defining new loan products
c. Manage centers, groups and clients
URL Details [Test Servers]

Session Highlights

  • A session facilitated by Jon Bach 🙂 Thanks Jon.
  • Testers paired up and helped each other.
  • www.typewith.me was used to take notes.
  • A healthy discussion on complexity of the application and in general.

Please find the chat transcript here.

Image credits: http://www.resonancepub.com/images/Complexity_1.gif

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