WTANZ01 – A step into a brave new world

Date: 18/04/2010

18:30-20:30 NZT
16:30-18:30 AUT

Object under test: http://www.sorted.org.nz/calculators/mortgage-repayments/page1.php

1) Have a look at the mortgage calculator and roughly script/try some
tests to verify functional correctness. Try and be creative about
breaking the solution. (rough time estimate 40min)

2) Have a look and think at usability and if this calculator matches
your expectations or not. (rough time estimate 10min)

3) Have a look at browser compatibility and make a quick assessment.
(rough time estimate 10min)

Please do not…

  • …automate your testing
  • …performance test
  • …security test
  • …test the Login functionality. Just the mortgage calculator.

Aim of this exercise is to show & share different methodologies on how
to test something.

Testers: Keis, Marlena Compton, Parimala Shankaraia, Richard Robinson, James Bach, sarath, Farid Vaswani, Ram, Dhara

Oliver Erlewein facilitated the session.

The first ever WTANZ session started on time. It was nice to see so many join. In preparation and for this meeting we got good support from the WeekendTesting.com’s gurus (Thanks!!!).

I presented the mission and since this was the first session for WTANZ the task was kept easy. Basic aim was to test a mortgage calculator on sorted.org.nz. The website is a government created website to help New Zealanders with organising their life and finances. The chosen calculator was one of the simpler calculators on the site so that the tests wouldn’t be too exasperating.

The participants got into testing pretty quickly, most adopting an ET process. The communication between the participants was excellent and made for interesting insights. One of the first interesting finds was that there seems to be quite a big discrepancy when comparing results between various interest calculators. We really didn’t quite get to the bottom of that but it was interesting that a simple seeming thing can have so many “interpretations”. Comparing the product under test to it’s “competitors” is a good idea and probably doesn’t find it’s way into test plans often enough. The use can be tremendous as we can see here.

There was also a lot of testing around boundaries and validation on the page. With calculators like these it is quite a big topic. Sorted.org.nz showed a number of oddities.

The raised bugs can be seen on bugrepository.com in the project WTANZ01.

Because the whole test phase was intensely interactive the after-test discussion was basically a continuation of that. Interesting were the tips exchanged. Things like using browsershots.org for browser testing, validator.w3.org to check HTML compliance, the FireFox plug-in LiveHTTPheaders to record the session,…
Ram also shared a more detailed approach to the problem (time in transcript 19:46:28).

All in all I think it went very well and from the participants feedback there were enough lessons learnt to make it a success. Thanks to everyone and I’m looking forward to the next session on the 2nd of May.

Transcript: WTANZ_Transcript_18-04-2010

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