EWT14 – Charter my brain

EWT14 – Charter my brain

Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 15:30 – 17:30 GMT

Product: Brain Workshop
You’re managing a team of five testers. Write test charters for Brain Workshop.

If you’re not familiar with writing test charters, then good advice is available here.

Brain Workshop’s help information, download, and other documentation is available here.

Testers: Shruti Gudi, Taras Bublyk, Vijay Kalkundri, Mandeep Singh, Markus Deibel, Ajay Balamurugadas, Anna Baik, Markus Gärtner

Anna Baik facilitated the discussion afterwards.

Markus Deibel start the discussion. He explained that he started from the chat transcript in EWT07. He gave in the time pressure by not reading through all the charter examples and ideas. As the discussion in the EWT chat continued, Markus noticed that he could involve the customer into his thoughts on test charters. Markus found it a good way to guide testing. Markus made his first experience with testing charters during this session.

Vijay Kalkundri continued the discussion. He pointed to his test charter, which other participants found to be more like a test plan.

Shruti Gudi stated that she was more familiar with writing tests for applications which she had already seen. Therefore the mission provided a challenge for her. She spent lots of time to figure out what a tester charter is. In the end she felt that she needed to know how the application works in order to write tests for it. Finally, she ended up confused about the various facets of the mission. Shruti had a better impression about test charters after the session, so the weekend testing session was a learning experience for her.

Taras Bublyk explained that he had difficulties with the lots of documents available. Taras stated that he found to be paralyzed by the amount of information available. He got a clearer picture about the unknown test charters when people started to discuss them in the chat.

Ajay Balamurugadas stated that he asked lots of questions, thereby clarifying his task. Since there was no limit in the number of charters asked for, he simply prepared a single charter. Ajay explained that he came up with the charter by even not downloading or seeing the application at all. Ajay expects his testers to ask questions based on the charter, too.

The session transcript can be inspected here.

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