Chat History with WTANZ 07 (#olivernz/$cae72143a141581a)

Created on 2010-07-25 21:04:48.


Oliver Erlewein: 18:12:58
Hi, can u read this?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:13:11
Oliver Erlewein: 18:13:14
What time is it there?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:13:17
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:13:25
11:13 p.m. Saturday.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:13:54
lol. time is weird. 6:13pm Sunday here ;-)
Oliver Erlewein: 18:15:46
so, what do you do in the testing field?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:16:14
I write automated tests for web applications.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:16:37
With watir or other tools?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:16:39
Mostly Selenium, but I'm a Ruby enthusiast, so I love Watir.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:16:45
Oliver Erlewein: 18:17:11
Yeah, I'm the other way round, starting at Watir, trying to get my head around Selenium.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:17:39
Eventually, they will all be the same.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:17:59
Still don't know how they want to pull that off.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:18:05
They are quite different
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:18:32
I think the problem is making it all work the same on every browser.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:18:35
We have expanded Watir at my company (DATACOM NZ) by about 4-5 personyears of dev.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:18:51
Not watir as suchbut built all this stuff around it.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:18:56
Oliver Erlewein: 18:19:27
We have a centralised server that records test results in HTML with screenshots for each action, logs all transactions,....
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:19:46
Very, very cool.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:20:05
....does automatic W3C & spellchecking, lets non technical users start tests on remote machines and get results fitting to their level of know how.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:20:18
Hi marlena
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:20:32
HI Oliver
Oliver Erlewein: 18:20:45
and we can see what the remote machines are executing onscreen live while a test is running on a browser window
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:21:06
are you doing this from your iPad?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:21:10
Oliver Erlewein: 18:21:11
@M: any other people that I need to add?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:21:19
@M: Lol!
Oliver Erlewein: 18:21:32
That's a bit much then for an iPad ;-)
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:21:41
hmm...I'll go off and check the email.  Not that I know of.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:21:47
But it's now my second monitor running tweetdeck
Oliver Erlewein: 18:23:32
Hi Vish, added you to the group.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:24:08
@M: You got a windows VM running to do this on?
Keis: 18:24:14
hello, all!
Keis: 18:24:27
@Oliver, thanks for letting me join in even if it's quite late
Oliver Erlewein: 18:24:42
@Keis, we haven't started yet!
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:24:48
Hi Keis
Oliver Erlewein: 18:24:54
18:30 is start
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:24:55
@cheers Oliver
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:25:02
Welcome Vish and Frisco :)
Oliver Erlewein: 18:25:15
@Keis,Vish: Have you installed ruby and Watir as per ?
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:25:19
greetings group
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:25:29
Hi, Marlena. I like your blog.
Keis: 18:25:31
Oh haha...yay, i made it on time then ;)
Oliver Erlewein: 18:25:35
Nice to see more people joining again :-D
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:25:42
yes i did
Oliver Erlewein: 18:25:47
@V: Great!
Keis: 18:26:06
@Oliver... having a system update then will install Watir
Oliver Erlewein: 18:26:35
Skype me if you need a restart so I can add you to the group again.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:27:09
@Keis: The whole operation will take about 10-15m to install
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:28:54
Group this link is self explanatory
Oliver Erlewein: 18:29:36
@Keis: why are you shown as offline?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:29:55
@Vish: pretty much.
Keis: 18:30:07
let me just try to restart skype
Keis: 18:30:20
i'll connect using the link in your status, Oliver
Oliver Erlewein: 18:30:20
Oliver Erlewein: 18:30:25
Oliver Erlewein: 18:30:41
Hi Richard
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:30:44
hi everyone
Oliver Erlewein: 18:30:48
Nice to see you join too.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:31:06
Have u done your homework?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:31:14
yes, installed. both.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:31:19
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:31:20
ruby and watir
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:31:29
havent launched yet though. very virginal.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:31:38
So I'm taking we're getting close to being set to go.
Keis: 18:31:48
done with the installation
Oliver Erlewein: 18:31:49
Maybe just wait until Keis is back and then start
Oliver Erlewein: 18:31:59
There you are
Oliver Erlewein: 18:32:08
Ok. then ready GO.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:32:40
The theme today is next to the same one we did for the accessability testing a few weeks back.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:32:54
The aim is with Watir to go to
Oliver Erlewein: 18:33:23
login and get to the forum entry for WTANZ 07 and leave a reply.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:33:58
So the first steps i think I'll do guided and then I'll stop and you guys can do the rest and ask me questions if u get stuck or help each other.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:34:14
So. 1st start a Command line (cmd)
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:34:24
@oliver you mean first registeration
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:34:37
Oliver Erlewein: 18:34:45
No, I'm guessing everyone here has a Weekendtesting logon?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:34:58
if not, please scoot off and get one quickly.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:35:07
Who doesn't have one?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:35:27
@M: Nobody in a few seconds I guess ;-)
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:35:47
i dont have let me get it done right away
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:36:02
Hi Ram :)
Oliver Erlewein: 18:36:07
Hi Ram
Ram (WTANZ): 18:36:18
Oliver Erlewein: 18:36:22
Have you done homework and installed Watir?
Ram (WTANZ): 18:36:36
Oliver Erlewein: 18:36:50
Ok, please go to
Oliver Erlewein: 18:37:25
and install ruby and watir. This might take a while so you'll miss the start. Do it and I'll see if I can get u to catch up as we go.
Ram (WTANZ): 18:38:01
ok. i haven't used ruby before; i will try my best
Oliver Erlewein: 18:38:02
Oh and please everyone ASK if I'm going too fast or you don't understand something. Share with others if you have tips!
Oliver Erlewein: 18:38:15
@Ram: really easy don't worry.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:38:23
Just follow the install instructions.
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:38:24
ok i have regsitered but haven't recd the password how long doe it take to get one
Oliver Erlewein: 18:38:28
from the link.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:39:03
should be quick
Oliver Erlewein: 18:40:11
Ok all at the command window type irb
Oliver Erlewein: 18:40:15
and hit enter
Oliver Erlewein: 18:40:29
that is the Interactive Ruby Shell.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:40:40
so launch ruby?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:40:52
no, just at the command line type irb
Oliver Erlewein: 18:41:13
that IS the command to launch the version of ruby we're using here today
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:41:44
ok. its showing irb(main):001:0>
Oliver Erlewein: 18:41:59
that's what we want!
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:42:01
On the mac I have a >> prompt.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:42:20
that's correct for a mac
Oliver Erlewein: 18:42:46
but I'll be surprised if watir will work for you on the mac. It's not easy to install I tried and failed.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:42:57
so lets X fingers
Oliver Erlewein: 18:43:07
Ok. So IRB
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 18:43:18
Safariwatir is more useable than firewatir on the Mac, I find.
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:43:37
after irb what next?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:43:41
this is an interactive version of ruby. the lines we are entering now could also be run from a file with ruby.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:44:00
So first
Oliver Erlewein: 18:44:05
we need to load watir
Oliver Erlewein: 18:44:12
so we type
Oliver Erlewein: 18:44:17
require "watir"
Oliver Erlewein: 18:44:34
Should say ==> true
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:44:46
<ss type="yes">(y)</ss>
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:44:50
Oliver Erlewein: 18:44:56
So now you're set for watir
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:45:00
<ss type="yes">(y)</ss>
Keis: 18:45:13
Oliver Erlewein: 18:45:54
so now we open the browser
Oliver Erlewein: 18:45:57
Oliver Erlewein: 18:45:58
b =
Oliver Erlewein: 18:46:11
IE will pop up or Safari On mac.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:46:50
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:46:59
it throws an exception "
Oliver Erlewein: 18:47:08
what does it say?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:47:24
system error. program cant start - missing msvcrt-ruby18.dll
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:47:39
Watir =>false
Oliver Erlewein: 18:47:48
that doesn't sound good. did u install ruby 186?
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:47:51
same as Richrt
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:47:54
Keis: 18:47:58
eep it opened IE
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:48:09
I got Firefox
Keis: 18:48:10
haha :p
Oliver Erlewein: 18:48:19
@Marlena: Good enough
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:48:21
maybe its after the default browser
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:48:30
and it doesnt like chrome
Oliver Erlewein: 18:48:36
Ok, try:
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:48:52
@Richard I bet that's it.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:48:53
Watir::Browser.default = 'IE'
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:49:00
i guess we may need to re-install watir
Oliver Erlewein: 18:49:07
and then b =
Oliver Erlewein: 18:49:21
try the above first Vish
Oliver Erlewein: 18:49:37
did that work?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:49:47
=> #<Watir::IE:0x2a09fa0>
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:49:57
Oliver Erlewein: 18:50:10
@Richard: at what command?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:50:27
after b =
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:50:34
(+ : )
Oliver Erlewein: 18:50:50
so, did a browser appear?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:51:03
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:51:10
Im on Win 64bit
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:51:23
no just got this after the command
Oliver Erlewein: 18:51:30
@R: close command session and try again from the start please
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:51:43
=> #<Watir::IE:0x1590c00>
Oliver Erlewein: 18:51:45
@R: that might be an issue too
Keis: 18:51:51
@Oliver, I'm having better luck... a new browser opened.  and i tried setting the default to 'firefox' instead of IE with Watir::Browser.default... still worked
Oliver Erlewein: 18:52:11
Oliver Erlewein: 18:52:28
for everyone who has an open browser type:
Oliver Erlewein: 18:52:44
Oliver Erlewein: 18:53:15
b is the browser object
Ram (WTANZ): 18:53:24
am i doing right? i couldn't get the browser up
irb<main>:001:0> b =

NameError: uninitialized constant Watir from <irb:1>
Oliver Erlewein: 18:53:28
so b.XYZ tells it to do something
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:53:34
Ram (WTANZ): 18:53:49
i have also tried initiating default browser as IE
Oliver Erlewein: 18:53:49
@Ram: have you installed watir?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:54:13
the goto command takes you directly to a web page.
Ram (WTANZ): 18:54:18
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:54:27
i m stuck in
Ram (WTANZ): 18:54:29
gem install Watir
Oliver Erlewein: 18:54:30
you could now try and verify that you're on the right page.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:55:09
@Vish,Richard: I can only suggest re-installing watir and see if that works
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:55:21
I have version 1.9.1
Oliver Erlewein: 18:55:24
@Ram: try closing command window and starting fresh
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:55:25
I might downgrade
Oliver Erlewein: 18:55:33
@Richard: That's not good.
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:55:34
on to it
Ram (WTANZ): 18:55:36
just did that too
Oliver Erlewein: 18:55:48
@R: 186 is pretty much a necessary thing.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:55:53
Ram (WTANZ): 18:56:16
oh, perhaps the administrator
Oliver Erlewein: 18:56:26
Ye sthat might work
Ram (WTANZ): 18:56:34
sorry, will try reinstalling as admin
Oliver Erlewein: 18:56:39
@Richard,Vish make sure youre admins too!
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:56:46
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 18:56:51
sorry Oliver. 2 mins
Oliver Erlewein: 18:56:56
for everyone else:
Oliver Erlewein: 18:57:12
check something on the page exists.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:57:20
the command structure is:
Oliver Erlewein: 18:57:30
b.text.include? "<text>"
Oliver Erlewein: 18:57:42
it should return with true or false
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:57:46
yeah i am admin & i installed both watir& ruby before the session to avoid any interrruption but seems its not my day
Oliver Erlewein: 18:58:05
@Vish: sorry to hear that.
Oliver Erlewein: 18:58:20
but I need to push on to keep in the timeframe
Oliver Erlewein: 18:58:24
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 18:58:38
no worries i will catch up soon
Oliver Erlewein: 18:58:42
everyone managed to verify some text?
Oliver Erlewein: 18:58:47
@V: OK!
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:59:04
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 18:59:15
but nothing inside a button
Oliver Erlewein: 18:59:45
Nope that's different
Oliver Erlewein: 18:59:49
just text
Oliver Erlewein: 18:59:59
ok. now we select the forum link
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:00:08
Oliver Erlewein: 19:00:21
not yet
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 19:01:00
Keis: 19:01:01
odd, i'm getting "false"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:01:12
False to what?
Keis: 19:01:25
b.text.include? "Testing"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:01:31
@Vish: ??? do you mean irb?
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 19:01:49
oops my bad
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:01:51
require "watir"
b =
b.text.include? "<text>"
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 19:01:56
typo error
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 19:02:11
instead of command prompt i type d in chat
Oliver Erlewein: 19:02:20
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:02:40
Keis, does 'false' agree with what you see in your browser?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:02:43
@Keis: watir only reads visible text.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:02:47
is it on page?
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 19:03:21
oops again the same damn error
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:03:26
I got true for "Forum"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:03:56
@Keis: mine returns true
Oliver Erlewein: 19:04:02
@M: great
Oliver Erlewein: 19:04:10
So now let's click the link
Oliver Erlewein: 19:04:37,"Forum").click
Oliver Erlewein: 19:05:17 this is quite weird. I have about everyones screen virtually in my brain trying to guess what you're seeing.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:05:25
got => 0
Oliver Erlewein: 19:05:37
anyone else done that?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:05:49
You should get 0, I think. That's what Ruby evaluates the command to.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:06:18
Isn't that Unix code for "success" ?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:06:43
The return value is actually the response time for the webpage
Oliver Erlewein: 19:06:50
at least when using IE
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:06:53
Oliver Erlewein: 19:07:20
Ok, anyone appart from marlena at the forum page?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:07:37
Oliver Erlewein: 19:07:46
Oliver Erlewein: 19:08:12
How are Ram, Richard and Vish doing with re-installing/fixing Watir/ruby?
Keis: 19:08:42
@Oliver, let me just retry... the b.text.include part wasn't working for me earlier
Keis: 19:09:03
i'm thinking maybe because the first page was a blank page, then a second tab was opened
Oliver Erlewein: 19:09:04
@Keis, you on IE or firefox?
Keis: 19:09:05
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:09:05
still going, but following chat and noting down commands
Keis: 19:09:09
Oliver Erlewein: 19:09:19
Keis: 19:09:25
i was getting an error about jssh in firefox
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:09:50
The jssh error is a showstopper in Watir and Firefox.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:09:56
yes, that's the non trivial thing with firefox :(
Oliver Erlewein: 19:10:48
so, now that we're on the forum website
Keis: 19:12:45
@Oliver, any workaround for the blank page tab being read instead of the tab with Weekend testing?
Ram (WTANZ): 19:12:45
interesting, i had to bring up the watir console going into the install path and then start the watir commands. was running "Watir-console" required
Ram (WTANZ): 19:12:46
Oliver Erlewein: 19:13:28
ok. does that work though?
Ram (WTANZ): 19:13:35
now i am at,"Forum").click that returned 9.9888466
try with administrator;
Ram (WTANZ): 19:13:52
Oliver, yes, i see browser navigating across
Oliver Erlewein: 19:14:13
Oliver Erlewein: 19:14:22
so try ad get to where we are now
Oliver Erlewein: 19:15:01
Next select the link "Next Weekend Testting session" but....
Oliver Erlewein: 19:15:11
instead of typing it all in
Oliver Erlewein: 19:15:43
Oliver Erlewein: 19:16:00
/Next Weekend/ instead of "<text>"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:16:54
quick  (y) if you got that please
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:17:34
got it.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:17:37
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:17:58
oops...meant (y)
Ram (WTANZ): 19:19:12
Oliver Erlewein: 19:19:18
Great Ram!
Oliver Erlewein: 19:19:26
Ok now we will login
Oliver Erlewein: 19:20:13
have a look at the source code and find the id's for the login name and password fields
Oliver Erlewein: 19:20:46
anyone find them?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:21:05
Keis: 19:21:07
hi oliver... i didn't quite get what you wanted by select the link
Oliver Erlewein: 19:21:16
Oliver Erlewein: 19:21:26
the line should then read
Keis: 19:21:29, "Forum").click ?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:21:49, /Next Weekend/).click
Oliver Erlewein: 19:21:59
What i forgot to say is,
Oliver Erlewein: 19:22:15
that the /<text>/ is a regular expression.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:22:49
so what we did is say click on the first link that contains the text "Next Weekend".
Oliver Erlewein: 19:22:59
That is VERY useful in real life
Oliver Erlewein: 19:23:49
anyone find the field ID's?
Ram (WTANZ): 19:24:30
well, b.text.include?"/Next Weekend/" gives me syntax error;
Oliver Erlewein: 19:24:54
Looks like we will be going over one hour. Since this is more of a training session I think that's ok. let's do a quick retro when it's 8:15pm/6:15pm. Then we can see how far we get now
Ram (WTANZ): 19:25:18
ids: log, pwd
Oliver Erlewein: 19:25:30
@ram: the include already is like a regular expression and you'd definitely would need to loose the ""
Oliver Erlewein: 19:25:40
@Ram: good.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:25:55
so now we need to fill the fields with our login creds
Oliver Erlewein: 19:26:05
for the name that would be:
Ram (WTANZ): 19:26:15
@oliver, without quotes, it doesn't indicate any status, except the command prompt changed from >> to ?>
Oliver Erlewein: 19:26:35
b.text_field(:id,"log").set "<your login id>"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:27:05
@Ram: don't know. haven't tried that. I seldomly use the irb. I'm doing a happy flow here ;-)
Oliver Erlewein: 19:27:50
so I guess everyone can do the password on their own?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:27:58
Oliver Erlewein: 19:28:11
(devil) <-- that's what I meant ;-)
Oliver Erlewein: 19:29:15
all with me with text in Username and Password say (y)
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:29:38
I might need a different locator.
Ram (WTANZ): 19:29:40
Oliver Erlewein: 19:30:34
@Frisco: type b.text_field(:id,"<name>").exist?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:30:52
Keis: 19:31:00
i used b.text_field(:id, "user_login").set "<my user id>")
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:31:13
Keis: 19:31:15
instead of "log", "user_login" worked for me
Oliver Erlewein: 19:31:18
@Keis: wrong field I guess
Oliver Erlewein: 19:31:45
@Frisco: check if you are loged in already
Oliver Erlewein: 19:31:49
if so logout
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:32:23
Oliver Erlewein: 19:32:29
Ok so now we need to press the login button
Oliver Erlewein: 19:33:29
Oliver Erlewein: 19:34:06
:value reads the text in the button to find it. you could have also used :id (or :name) if these were specified in the html.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:34:22 the wordpress login page.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:34:26
Ok so (y) for everyone that has successfully loged on.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:34:29
Keis: 19:34:30
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:34:45
Oliver Erlewein: 19:34:47
@M: you did something wrong.
Keis: 19:34:50
b.button(:value, "Log In").click -> for me
Oliver Erlewein: 19:34:57
@M: maybe clicked the wrong button?
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:35:16
Did not have the same value for "Log In"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:35:22
The text in the button can be found in the source html
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:35:27
is there a way to call the back button?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:35:40
Oliver Erlewein: 19:35:44
Ram (WTANZ): 19:35:57
nice, (y)
Oliver Erlewein: 19:36:09
(but you can also just press back it doesn't loose the session!)
Ram (WTANZ): 19:36:23
cool, i tried this to uncheck rememberme
b.checkbox(:id,"rememberme").click and unchecked.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:36:24
ok...did that and trying again
Oliver Erlewein: 19:37:20
@M: back button is b.GoBack  I think
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:37:32
you're gonna laugh.  I forgot my password.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:37:36
@Ram: nice, getting the hang now!!!!
Keis: 19:37:41
Ram (WTANZ): 19:37:44
@marlena, same here
Keis: 19:37:51
@Marlena.. no biggie... i forgot it too
Ram (WTANZ): 19:37:58
i had to try a few times on a different browser session and logout
Oliver Erlewein: 19:38:07
@Marlena,Ram,Keis: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa
Oliver Erlewein: 19:38:46
You can actually use the IE window even though we're using watir. the session stays. just don't close the window
Keis: 19:38:48
i had to do some guessing... that's what i get for letting firefox handle my password for weekendtesting :D
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:40:35
this is fun
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:40:44
im enjoying learning this tool
Oliver Erlewein: 19:40:44
So now that all passwords are reset and all logged in....
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:40:50
i can see so many benefits/applications
Oliver Erlewein: 19:41:24
You now have ALL the commands & tools you need to write the reply to my post "WTANZ session 07...."
Oliver Erlewein: 19:41:52
@Richard: Wait for the cucumber session that will blow your mind wide open in comparison!
Oliver Erlewein: 19:42:09
@Richard: I just need Watir know how for that
Oliver Erlewein: 19:42:20
@Richard: That's why this is first
Oliver Erlewein: 19:43:51
So I'll be seeing replys to my commen soon I hope  (coffee)
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:44:20
ok, looks like I'm finally in.
Keis: 19:44:36
@Marlena... i tried, /Logout/).click and got to Wordpress
Keis: 19:44:42
weird :D
Oliver Erlewein: 19:44:51
yes, that is SNAFU
Ram (WTANZ): 19:45:13
looks like i haven't posted replies / comments before to the specific post on weekend testing, unable to find, howver i see a general comments section on this page
Oliver Erlewein: 19:46:20
@Ram: You must first click the Reply link
Oliver Erlewein: 19:46:58
then fields should appear
Oliver Erlewein: 19:47:19
always look at html source to find the element id/name/value/text
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:47:43
Haven't located the text field yet.
Ram (WTANZ): 19:47:56
(y) here is my comment under general comments section
Ram (WTANZ): 19:47:57
Posted July 25, 2010 at 1:17 PM
comments via Watir on july 24 WTANZ 07
Oliver Erlewein: 19:47:58
@Frisco: which one?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:48:05
Looks like (:name, 'messages') ?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:48:45
@Ram: Half there. Now try a correct Reply
Vish Arunachalam (WTANZ, NZ): 19:48:58
Seems this is not my day ... i could not manage to invoke the browser everytime it crashes bugger ... I have investigated on couple of tools &amp; have evaluated them but this seems to be not my cup of coffee <ss type="no">(n)</ss> but would like to explore on this before the next WTANZ this will be my task for this week though <ss type="smile">:)</ss>
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:49:00
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:49:01,"Test Automation with Watir").click
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:49:24
I used the same but with "Watir"
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:49:35
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:50:04
no luck with that either
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:50:15
cant seem to click on the link to the topic
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:50:34
Yep, 'inspect element' says it's textarea(:name, 'message').
Oliver Erlewein: 19:51:14
@Vish: sorry to hear that. is definitely wort the effort though. if you have any questions feel free to email me or skype me
Oliver Erlewein: 19:51:48
@Richard: try,/Test Automation with Watir/).click
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:52:06
can you explain that again to me please?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:52:10
why no ""?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:52:17
is / like a wildcard?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:52:26
because this is a gegular expression not a string
Oliver Erlewein: 19:52:47
the regular expression contains the string but doesn't need ""
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:52:53
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:53:18
Are anyone else's pages loading really slowly?
Oliver Erlewein: 19:53:34
a good place to look on how stuff is done is the API reference
Oliver Erlewein: 19:53:47
but beware it's a bit difficult to use and find stuff
Oliver Erlewein: 19:53:51
and it's huge
Oliver Erlewein: 19:54:06
but once you get into Watir it's your daily bread
Oliver Erlewein: 19:54:16
@Marlena: yes
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:54:18
ok, whats the textbox id/name?
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:54:31
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:54:39
:name, "message"
Oliver Erlewein: 19:54:43
I think I might have made a mistake. the text box is WISIWYG and JavaScript.
Ram (WTANZ): 19:54:54
Oliver Erlewein: 19:54:58
so it might be Watir can't (easily) reach in there
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 19:55:17
I got a blank page for my reply.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:55:30
browser.text_field(:name,"message").set("hello world") SHOULD work.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:55:37
Ok, Ram and Keis have proven it can be done.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:56:10
btw excellent guys!
Oliver Erlewein: 19:56:14
Oliver Erlewein: 19:56:45
As testers NEVER forget to VERIFY where you are and where you get to!
Oliver Erlewein: 19:56:58
Choose unique page identifiers.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:57:01
Oh and....
Oliver Erlewein: 19:57:50
If your dev lead decides to change all id names and text on buttons, I made the experience it takes a long time to kill someone wit a spoon ;-) ;-) ;-)
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 19:58:00
I think I crashed the console with a long message
Oliver Erlewein: 19:58:11
When you've had that done to you the first time you'll know what I mean.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:58:54
@Rich: don't see a comment. so something must have gone wrong.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 19:58:55
See if can locate that text_field by xpath.
Oliver Erlewein: 19:59:22
you probably can. AFTER you explained to the folk here what xpath is in 3 sentences
Oliver Erlewein: 19:59:53
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:00:00
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:00:38
XPath expressions enable you to locate any item on a page by....
Oliver Erlewein: 20:00:39
see! that's where cool stuff gets u
Oliver Erlewein: 20:00:41
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:01:08
identifying the elements according to the page structure.
Ram (WTANZ): 20:01:51
regular expression search didn't seem to work for me and i still made a complete string search. i need to try it again, and yes xpath too
Oliver Erlewein: 20:02:11
@Frisco: maybe you have an example
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:02:39
I have the wiki page:
Oliver Erlewein: 20:03:59
Ok. Everyone!!!! Don't follow that link until after the session! It might blow a fuse now
Oliver Erlewein: 20:04:12
but Frisco thanks heaps for that
Oliver Erlewein: 20:04:34
it is one of the next steps in becoming proficient with Watir
Oliver Erlewein: 20:05:46
Ok. so i think we all have sort of come to an end.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:05:56
and i can say....
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:05:58
:( b.text_field(:id,"message").set "Richards message"
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:06:14
It's not an id, it's located by name.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:06:21
"YAY!!!! we have 7 new Watir automaters in the world! Welcome"
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:06:32
Try b.text_field(:name, "message").set("foo")
Oliver Erlewein: 20:07:05
Try and close off what you're doing and we'll have our retrospective in 2min.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:09:30
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:09:41
@ Frisco, Oliver - thanks
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:09:53
hmm...looks like I lost my session.  b.refresh is not doing anything.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:09:54
You're welcome.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:10:44
Oh I forgot something!
Oliver Erlewein: 20:10:57
And we still have a bit of time left.
Ram (WTANZ): 20:11:13
Oliver Erlewein: 20:11:31
Take all the commands you executed and copy them to a text editor and save it as "test.rb"
Oliver Erlewein: 20:11:38
@Ram: in a second
Oliver Erlewein: 20:11:46
I really wanted to do this too.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:12:45
say (y) when done
Oliver Erlewein: 20:13:14
Maybe just up to the point where you have finished logging in.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:13:23
not the full write a comment thing
Ram (WTANZ): 20:13:26
test.rb, great, i was going to ask if there was a way to save my commands from this session. cool
Oliver Erlewein: 20:14:01
@Ram: no, there is no way to save them from irb. you'll have to do that manually
Oliver Erlewein: 20:14:15
just open edit and chuck the lines in there.
Keis: 20:14:28
just saved it... now watching it run my browser :D
Oliver Erlewein: 20:14:29
Maybe someone can echo a good set here into Skype
Oliver Erlewein: 20:14:43
@Keis: juped the gun
Keis: 20:15:04
oh sorry i wanted to test that it worked
Oliver Erlewein: 20:15:54
So once you have your test.rb file you can run it by writing....
Keis: 20:15:57
my first run was a failure because i was still logged in, and the login part was included in the test.rb
Oliver Erlewein: 20:15:59
ruby test.rb
Oliver Erlewein: 20:16:12
at the command line
Oliver Erlewein: 20:17:09
you should now see the automated test running.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:17:23
make sure all IE windows are closed before running the test!
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:17:43
So can 2 browser instances run at the same time?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:18:03
@M: Clear answer to that! ...."IT DEPENDS" ;-)
Oliver Erlewein: 20:18:25
In general I'd say you wouldn't want to do that.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:18:34
but you could
Keis: 20:19:18
Can you set the browser that you'll open? without setting it as default?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:19:44
@Keis: can I refer you to the API?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:19:55
Keis: 20:20:08
ah no rush
Oliver Erlewein: 20:20:12
I think we can now start the retrospective.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:20:22
i will rejoin in 60 sec
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:20:53
Who wants to go first?  You can just start typing and Oliver will be back in 60.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:22:26
Keis: 20:23:43
i was excited about this session since i've dabbled in ruby and have heard about watir but never really gotten around to trying it until now.  there were some frustrating bits when i couldn't get the thing to work first in IE then in Firefox... but after a while, i managed to get it working. I enjoyed the session pretty much overall (esp when i could already follow) <ss type="laugh">:D</ss>
Oliver Erlewein: 20:23:52
This might run a bit longer than half past. Hope everyone has some more minutest to give feedback. Cheers!
Oliver Erlewein: 20:24:16
Oliver Erlewein: 20:24:30
Anything that was missing for you or could have made this easier?
Keis: 20:25:39
i'm still wondering why the b.text.include? wasn't working with IE (maybe with the tabs)... for FF, i'm not sure if the problem was because i had 2 ff installed or if it was the jssh thing that got installed in one version rather than the other.
Keis: 20:26:03
but happy overall that it finally worked with firefox :D
Oliver Erlewein: 20:26:14
Yes, Watir is a bit (actually very) picky with browsers.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:26:24
We try and do all testing on IE 6.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:26:49
Windows 7's new admin rights management also makes it extremely difficult to do stuff.
Keis: 20:26:58
oh, and no tabs yet for IE6
Oliver Erlewein: 20:27:11
IE8 also has it's quirks in certain areas when it comes to automation
Oliver Erlewein: 20:27:22
@Keis: Exactement
Oliver Erlewein: 20:27:55
Ok. Frisco. How was it for you. You already had Watir experience. Was there something new in it for you?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:28:00
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:28:09
Nothing new, which is good. :)
Oliver Erlewein: 20:28:24
Wa sthis your first weekendtesting session?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:28:28
Ram (WTANZ): 20:28:33
i use win7 / IE8, didn't have any issues except for the regular expression. perhaps because the watir session was a new browser session and only one tab
Oliver Erlewein: 20:28:39
how did that go for you?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:29:07
@Ram: The issues are not with the simple functions it's when you're trying to do the corner cases.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:29:19
Quite well. I'd like to figure out why that locator didn't work in SafariWatir.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:29:57
I haven't used Safari yet so I wouldn't know (and that although I'm an Apple fanboy ;-))
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:30:11
About to run the script in FireWatir. Maybe it's just a SafariWatir issue.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:30:56
@Frisco: So I hope you liked weekendtesting and will be back for more sessions you're very welcome.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:31:06
I shall!
Oliver Erlewein: 20:31:16
I will do a session on Cucumber soon so that might interest you
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:31:24
Oliver Erlewein: 20:31:30
@Ram: What about you?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:31:37
Cucumber seems almost too good to be true.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:31:44
session went well. i faced different challenges than most.
i had to work out what i had done in my install.

answer: installed wrong version
solution: reinstall correct version, and hope there are not any issues. followed instruction website very closely.

found that Watir::Browser.default = 'IE' would not work but Watir::Browser.default = 'ie' works fine.

followed along in chat and pasted commands into notepad.
was able to catch up at login step.

found console difficult to insert/edit text, just like command prompt.

overall the tuition and session was very good. i learned much about a product that i am very interested in.

i cant wait to use it again.

thank you all.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:32:01
(oops sorry Ram, hit enter prematurely)
Oliver Erlewein: 20:32:18
No problem
Oliver Erlewein: 20:33:07
@Richard: You can check in with Graeme O'Sullivan. He's on lev 1 and replaced me in the project. He also does Cucumber and Watir
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:33:34
Oliver Erlewein: 20:33:40
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:33:49
ok, I will look him up
Oliver Erlewein: 20:33:52
sorry everyone that's a bit of an insider
vivek sharma (WTANZ): 20:34:00
i was able to post Hello at last to forum
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:34:17
me too
vivek sharma (WTANZ): 20:34:33
Marlena was a gr8 help to get me started, since I got late in joining
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:34:38
Can Watir/ruby only be used for browser testing?
vivek sharma (WTANZ): 20:34:42
Thanks a lot Marlena for help
Oliver Erlewein: 20:34:56
@Richard: Not very well. Selenium is better at that.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:35:24
and automated browser testing is cr*p because the defects you want to catch cannot be recognised by a machine
Ram (WTANZ): 20:35:27
what is Cucumber?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:35:36
Oliver Erlewein: 20:35:48
it is a testing framework
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:35:56
interesting. is concordian a good choice product, instead of watir?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:36:00
that sits above something like watir
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:36:20
That's what I was thinking about.  Which tests would this work for and which will I need to physically look at in order to catch any issues.
vivek sharma (WTANZ): 20:36:49

how shall one approach in selecting which tool to choose ?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:37:20
Well, now we're straight into tool philosophy
Oliver Erlewein: 20:37:40
I don't know concordion at all so I won't comment on that.
Ram (WTANZ): 20:37:52
is there a comparison between several similar tools available somewhere? [#approach in selecting web automation too]
Oliver Erlewein: 20:38:15
@Marlena: Validation as i said is important. Depending on how much you validate you can test.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:38:36
Less validation means less accuracy. Basically all determined by time and ROI
Oliver Erlewein: 20:38:53
@Ram: I'm sure there is. I don't have a link now
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:39:05
So tests you can automate quickly but wouldn't necessarily have time for otherwise?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:39:37
Watir and Selenium are about the same thing done in slightly different ways. They are both trying to grow together so whatever side you're on you'll probably end up in the same place
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:39:58
To me tool use is the same old story: you can automate tests you run manually, as a means of regression automation only.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:40:10
@Marlena: for example or tests you have to run again and again. for example create me a user
Oliver Erlewein: 20:40:19
that can support your manual testing
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:40:23
That's what we're going through at work.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:40:30
The sanity tests are driving me crazy.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:40:46
Yes sanity tests are an ideal starting point.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:41:03
A word of warning though. Beginners tend to over-automate.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:41:17
The maintenance has a heavy and fierce backlash.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:41:37
You will spend lots of time fixing broken scripts.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:41:40
I'm thinking of a few very time consuming sanity tests and how to make them faster.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:41:54
I think you could link the automation to valid data sources that create a different set of data each time the automation suite is run
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:42:03
so same tests, but different data
Oliver Erlewein: 20:42:06
so be clever when automating. think first then do. don't succumb to the enticement to automate everything
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:42:21
oh, don't worry.  Been there before.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:42:47
@Richard: and you can get ruby/watir to check the DB in the backgroud or get to read emails that were sent out....
Oliver Erlewein: 20:42:59
been there done that
Keis: 20:43:49
@Oliver.. re: ruby/watir to check the DB in the background... sounds even cooler!
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:44:10
HMM. Selenium IDE targeted the "messages" text field as "s4".
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:44:14
yes, it would be quite a diff to get info through the db and then check what's in the browser.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:44:16
But all have a play with Watir and see if you like it. It's definitely not a bad skill to have on a CV. And it can get you out of a pickle at times
Oliver Erlewein: 20:45:11
We do things where an email gets sent and the Watir reacts to it and executes scripts depending on email content.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:45:29
We even use Watir to cheat in online games ;-);-);-);-);-)
Oliver Erlewein: 20:45:42
....and online competitions
Ram (WTANZ): 20:45:52
email tracking example fantastic...
Oliver Erlewein: 20:45:59
...and to annoy people that have p*ssed us off.
Ram (WTANZ): 20:46:12
i see some use that i would like to incorporate that into, #email
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:46:12
can watir send me a text message?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:46:24
I'm sure you can now picture all the nasty little things test automation can be good for.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:46:29
Roughly, how often are you writing/maintaining watir scripts in a week?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:46:58
@Richard: ruby can with some APIs but it's much better to get it to twitter. That's what we're currently doing ;-)
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:47:11
I'm already planning to ask about button/id names at work.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:47:23
The coolest thing I've seen in months is a Selenium script that played Google Pac-Man.
Ram (WTANZ): 20:47:24
any of you thought of or using any approach to track and reduce the code churn for the web control properties getting changed from drop to drop?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:47:24
@Marlena: For us that is a 24/7/365 thing
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:47:34
ah great idea. then hook ur phone to ur twitter account.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:47:36
is most of your testing in watir?
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:47:53
On the subject of using a web testing framework for online games.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:47:53
@Marlena: That's a catch question.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:48:07
please define that a bit better
Oliver Erlewein: 20:48:24 it comes ;-)
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:49:14
Oliver Erlewein: 20:49:24
@richard: for example or get your scripts to send you status email.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:49:27
Combining Selenium IDE with Watir did the trick.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:49:37
Why is that a "catch" question?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:49:54
@Frisco is a geek. He gets the geek of the session award!  (*)
Oliver Erlewein: 20:50:32
@Marlena: Did u ask is most of my testing work automation? or did you ask is most of our automation done with watir?
Ram (WTANZ): 20:50:38
combining Selenium IDE with watir?
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:50:56
I don't know but I'm interested in both answers.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:51:03
@Frisco: Yes you can get Selenium IDE to write our Watir.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:51:52
To get the right locator for the forum reply field, I used Selenium IDE to record one reply, then brought the targeted id into the Watir script.
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:52:14
Watir has its TestWise recorder, which I have not used.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:52:27
@Marlena: Since I'm a test manager I usually don't get to "play" as much as I'd like. Other people in my team usually build the really cool stuff. But I do some. I'd say the time spent on automation varies from project to project. I think it maxes out at about 20% of the effort.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:52:38
We usually don't do more than that.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:52:57
A lot also due to customers wanting "papaer proof"
Ram (WTANZ): 20:53:34
is there a way to scrape the control properties in Watir?
Oliver Erlewein: 20:53:58
Ok. looking at the time i think I want to get this slowly to an official cloase (which means i need some food). Any final comments?
Ram (WTANZ): 20:54:08
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:54:24
Amazing session.  Thank you.
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:54:29
Oliver Erlewein: 20:54:36
@Ram: yes. there are lots. have a look at the tutorials on And have a look for .inspect
Oliver Erlewein: 20:54:51
not quite sure if that is Watir or ruby though.
Keis: 20:54:53
I second what Marlena said :) Thanks!
Frisco Del Rosario (WTANZ, USA): 20:54:56
Goodbye, everyone.
Keis: 20:55:05
And nice meeting new folks :D
Oliver Erlewein: 20:55:13
@Frisco: good night. thanks for staying up so late
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 20:55:38
bye guys
Oliver Erlewein: 20:55:40
Ram's done it again. He's the quickest blogger!
vivek sharma (WTANZ): 20:55:51
thanks guys, lot of new stuff to learn
vivek sharma (WTANZ): 20:55:57
good session
Ram (WTANZ): 20:56:06
thank you all, great learning. it is so exciting
Oliver Erlewein: 20:56:41
I think the session went well too. I was dreading we wouldn't even get out of the gates due to technical issues. nice to see everyone was prepped for the session too!
Oliver Erlewein: 20:56:55
Thank you all for participating. Was really cool.
Richard Robinson (WTANZ): 20:57:19
Thanks everyone, and especially Oliver for facilitating. I like learning tools I can see myself using in my everyday work.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:58:37
One more thing....
Oliver Erlewein: 20:59:09
Marlena & I will be moving WTANZ to monthly for the time being because it's costing us a lot of effort to hold these.
Oliver Erlewein: 20:59:32
We need more facilitators to do these sessions (and we'll run out of topics one day too).
Oliver Erlewein: 21:00:05
So bring people along and maybe if you know a tester-crack get them along to become facilitators or think about it yourself
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 21:00:29
If I can do it.  ANYBODY can do it.
Ram (WTANZ): 21:00:35
good idea - about have more faciliators to organize these
Oliver Erlewein: 21:00:56
So the next session will be Aug 15 if I'm not mistaken
Marlena Compton (WTANZ,AUS): 21:01:30
August 22
Oliver Erlewein: 21:01:47
Ok, my counting bad?
Oliver Erlewein: 21:01:49
Oliver Erlewein: 21:02:03
I can't on Aug 22nd though so someone else has to.
Oliver Erlewein: 21:02:22
Ok and I think I'll call this to an official close now.
Oliver Erlewein: 21:02:30
Ram (WTANZ): 21:02:50
alright, i will sleep now; looking forward to meet up in 2 weeks.
Oliver Erlewein: 21:02:52
So anything chatted now will not appear in the session log
Ram (WTANZ): 21:02:54
oh no.. 4 weeks
Oliver Erlewein: 21:03:35
Oliver Erlewein: 21:03:51
ZN is a cold COLD country
Oliver Erlewein: 21:03:54
Ram (WTANZ): 21:04:25
is it winter there already ?